May 31, 2007

Paint Projects

This morning I spent far too long browsing through so many wonderful blogs and going off on numerous tangents! I am going to add a few lines to my own.
Yesterday I finally managed to finish off all 3 of my little 'paint projects'. The mirror didn't turn out as well as I hoped, on further inspection it is perhaps more 'shabby' than 'chic' :D Never mind, the other two I am pleased with and at $10 for all 3 items, it was such a great find. The larger wooden bench on the right was last years project, this little one will probably sit nicely under the shade of a tree.
Garden bench made from wood and metal.
The small table is so versatile that I haven't quite decided where it should go yet.
That's it for today, better do some work now :)


May 29, 2007


Another perfect summer day :) Pleasantly warm with a nice breeze. My shoulder is 100% better, even after painting the garden bench and the coffee table, only the mirror to do this afternoon and all 3 yard sale finds will have had a 'make-over'. (I will upload photos of them on my flickr site soon)

Most of the orchards are in blossom now and look very pretty, the Annapolis Valley apple blossom festival is next weekend, so the timing is just right, as long as there isn't a really strong wind, which could blow all the flowers off!

Our little bird feeder adaptation is working nicely, I glued a margarine tub lid to the underside for the tiny birds to rest on, (some feeders come with little ledges fitted, but I didn't know that when I bought this one) there are about 5 birds so far that are feeding regularly, so I expect there will be lots of little babies before long!

Here is a male hummingbird, having a little rest between drinks!

Yesterday I got a lovely long and newsy letter from my friend Keriann, who lives in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Her hand written letters are very special and I like to read them several times. Enclosed was a newspaper clipping about a local artist Deirdre Helmore who published her memoirs a couple of years ago and I was lucky enough to be given the job of typing them up for her over the last few months we lived in Hawkes Bay.
Craig is now only working part time for the company he joined a month ago. The owner's girlfriend came back from vacation and decided she actually wanted her old job back! I think it is for the best anyway as Craig was 'not' enjoying being stuck at a desk being an Accounting clerk for 9 hours a day, especially after being up and about for the last 3 years. I have hardly seen him this week, he has been super busy, painting the driveway, preparing the back deck, sorting out the basement and garage, cutting wood with the neighbours etc.

Well, this is supposed to just be a mid-week quick blog, so I'm off now to hang out my washing!

Hazel x

May 25, 2007

Halls Harbour Visit

What a wonderful day it was today! Bright and early this morning Jemma and I went looking for 'yard sales'. We stopped at one we had visited last year and picked up an old garden bench, a mirror and a small wooden coffee table. Three new 'painting' projects for me to do next week! All for just $10 (what a bargain).
Found this cute little milk bottle at the yard sale too!
Yesterday I felt like an invalid! I had pulled a muscle in my shoulder. Couldn't quite pin-point how, but I think it was moving some very heavy planters full of seedlings the day before. My right elbow was 'pinned' to my side and I couldn't lift it up or to the side even slightly. I was dosed up on paracetamol and felt really cross with myself, because there was so much I wanted to do.
Amber took part in the Regionals athletic competition yesterday. Her event was the 'triple jump'. She came 5th out of about 20 girls from all the different provinces. Her best jump was 8.21M, a personal best, so even though she didn't get through to the Provincials she was pretty chuffed with herself, and we are all very proud of her!
Jemma has just changed one of her options at school for grade 11 next year. She is now doing 'advanced physics' after being advised to take it by her science teacher. Jemma hopes to go on to University locally to do a science degree. Only 2 more years now before she leaves high school!
Two more vehicles were collected from the barn today where they have been in storage for the winter, for some local people. Craig was glad of the extra cash, which helps with maintaining the building, painting etc.
We went for a lovely drive to Halls Harbour this afternoon, as the temperature soared up to 30 degrees celcius. Down by the sea it was a bit cooler. The girls had ice creams and we popped into the little antique shop there.
Jemma, wearing her new linen shorts.

May 23, 2007

Summer is coming!

Couldn't resist writing a few more lines on my blog today. The sun is shining and the temperature is about to get much warmer tomorrow, this makes me 'very' happy. Could this finally be the summer we have been waiting for?
Today I got bitten by the 'painting bug'. It seems to happen every summertime :) I started out this morning by touching up all the kitchen cabinets, which had taken a few knockings over the past year. Then I continued up the back stairs after doing a bit of sanding first. They all look good as new. Tomorrow I hope to start the desk in the study, after that who knows what I will find to tickle with my paintbrush and pot of white paint!
Jemma has just come home from school and found a parcel she ordered on e-bay, a pair of brand new cute little linen shorts. Craig is in the middle of painting the driveway after water blasting it first, it will be soon be looking smart again ready to put the gazebo on. The black fly season has just started and we will really need the protection when sitting outside at supper time and in the early evening. The topsoil needs to get finished today with Craig and I working as a team. I will post some before and after pics later.
We potted some more flowers today, lobelia, pansies, pink rock cress and blue larkspur, some will be going out in the flower beds tomorrow after the 'last' ground frost tonight.
Bye for now
Hazel x

May 19, 2007

First blog post on blogspot!

Welcome to my new blog, which you may have been directed to from my old one.
Jemma my eldest daughter was very kind and patient helping me get it just right :) Now I just need to keep it updated once a week.
Craig has completed his third week back at work and seems to be settling in and getting used to the big change in his daily routine.
Amber came second in the triple jump event at the district sports competition on Wednesday and has qualified to take part in the regional competition on Saturday morning. Craig is going to help with her training as soon as the rain stops!
I managed to 'finally' get myself a haircut! My last 'trim' was in November, where has the time gone? Anyway it feels much healthier now resting on my shoulders, I must 'not' leave it such a long time before my next visit to a hairdressers.
Before the rain came I was busy in the garden, helping to lay down top soil and raking in some grass seed. We found two lovely hanging baskets full of blue trailing lobelia, which the hummingbirds love to feed on, almost as much as the sugar water we make up for them.
The little birch tree that we transplanted is doing well and seems happy with the move from the top of the field, to a spot much closer to the back door.
Archie is 'shedding' his winter coat especially on my black trousers!
A photo of the sweet little humming birds, actually taken last summer, the trees don't have this many leaves on them this year yet.
Please do feel welcome to leave any comments and/or links to your blogs and flickr accounts. My new shorter haircut!