June 27, 2009

Jemma's Week

Well this week there is no question as to the subject matter of my (fairly) regular blog post.
My baby is all grown up having completed 13 years of schooling, she graduated from high school on Thursday 25th June - wow, what a milestone!!
Prior to the Graduation ceremony was the Grade 12 Prom Dance on Monday evening.
Sadly for Jemma it was a bitter sweet event. Her relationship with her boyfriend Takuto, came to an end just the week before, but as they had already arranged to go as a couple they decided to go as friends, taking the gossip and rumours on the chin. Tak looked very smart in his Tuxedo and Jemma so elegant in her floor sweeping dress. The Prom theme was the James Bond movie 'Casino Royale' and they both looked the part.
Jemma designed and made her own dress, enduring a fair few frustrating hours at the sewing machine before getting it just right in the short space of time after finishing her final exams.
The graduation ceremony held at a local Arena was long and very very hot, as the weather has been particularly humid over the past few days. With so many people packed into the building for over four hours it was a little stifling. All the certificates were presented along with various scholarships and bursaries. Speeches were made and my hands were smarting with all the clapping for each student! Amber was armed with her camera and quite excited for her big sister and the thought of her own graduation in 3 years time. An evening for parents to be proud and students to congratulate themselves on completing many years of schooling before moving on to bigger things.
Jemma can now take a few weeks off, before planning her move to St Mary's University in September, where she will be studying Science and Japanese for the next four years.
Well done Jemma - we love you
Mummy, Daddy & Amber xxxx

June 21, 2009

Strawberry Season

Yummmmmy Strawberries!! The fruit of early summertime, so deliciously sweet, picked straight off the bush, still warm from the sunshine.It's hard to believe that two whole years have gone by since Jemma and Amber found this vintage sign for their Daddy on Father's day 2007.Craig had just planted his first crop of strawberries in the garden. The arrow points to 'the spot' It was a lucky find at a yard sale and one of those inexpensive but 'perfect' gifts that you occasionally stumble upon which gives you the warm fuzzies, knowing the recipient is going to like it!
On the same theme, this is the recipe book that where I keep a tried and tested recipe for some shortbread that goes well with the strawberries, served with a little cream. It really didn't matter that the rain was pouring as we ate them this afternoon. The garden was in need of a good soaking after a bit of a dry spell. Last but by no means least, our tiny birds get another mention, well they are only here for a few weeks. Hungrily drinking from the strawberry nectar feeders.They are currently flitting between the feeders and the Pink Weigela outside the dining room, which have just come into bloom and obviously taste delicious to hummingbirds :)
Hazel x

Sorry I don't know what happened to all the photos I posted on here :(