July 21, 2011

Midsummer Madness

A busy few weeks has meant that my blog has been somewhat neglected so I shall try my best to get back into the swing of things.  
First of all our family became official Canadian citizens on June 2nd, it has been a long and complicated process as anyone who has ever immigrated to another country will know.  We attended the swearing in ceremony just a couple of weeks after completing our knowledge of Canada test and were presented with our certificates and Citizenship cards along with 47 other new citizens from 20 different countries.  

Taken outside the
Cunard Centre where the  ceremony was held in Halifax 
A few days following the ceremony we bid an emotional farewell to Jemma at Halifax airport, seeing her off on her year long student exchange venture to Korea!!  
Hugs from Daddy at the airport.
Our little girl is all grown up and independent now and is loving the many wonderful new experiences that the huge city of Seoul has to offer, certainly an exciting place to be spending her 20th birthday in just a few days.  She is making lots of new friends, adapting to the local culture and customs living with a sweet host family about an hour away from the University.  In September she will move into the campus dormitories which will cut out the travelling time and be more convenient during her study months.  Yesterday she found out that she has been awarded another scholarship by the University of Seoul. We are all delighted and very proud of her.  I am loving Skype these days when we can actually see her in her little bedroom as she gives us a weekly update.  
Our house is now on the market with Property Guys, we have decided to have a go at marketing it ourselves.  We have full control of the live site which is a much more accepted way of selling these days.  We don't anticipate a quick sale, but you never know.  With Amber still in high school for another year we can't move too far away until she goes to University.  
The garden is looking lush and green, the humming birds are back of course in huge numbers now that the fledglings have hatched, it's hard to keep up with filling the two feeders outside the window.  The hydrangeas are enormous as are the hosta's and we have salad ingredients coming out of our ears in the veggie patch!!  Wonderful and definitely my favorite time of year.
Here is a link to our listing if you would like to take a peek :)