July 20, 2013

Summer days in Tantallon, Nova Scotia

Hello dear friends,
I just love summertime,  we have been living in our new home for a few weeks now and once the initial unpacking was out of the way we set to work to improve it.  The first place that needed tackling was the back garden.  A nasty gravel and weed ridden yard was crying out for some proper grass.  Not willing to wait for seed to grow we opted for the more expensive delivery of turf or sod as the locals here in Canada call it.  
It was all hands on deck as we spread out a huge pile of good quality soil that then had to be moved into place and leveled out before the rectangles of grass could be laid on top.  
Between the four of us we lifted, carried, laid, patch worked, flattened and watered the sod until we were all exhausted and bitten silly by the relentless mosquitoes.   (the down side to living in the midst of a forest area)
Some scorching weather followed which meant Craig was out early morning and late evening watering and fighting a losing battle with the Mosies for several days!  
It seems to have paid off now and we have some rather lush grass behind the house to walk on, making hanging my washing a pleasure and not a pain.  
Inside with all our bits and bobs around from the old house it feels like home again. 

Once the gardening was under control we decided to take a well deserved weekend break and headed by car and ferry to Prince Edward Island, commonly referred to as P.E.I.  for a couple of days.
We loved Charlottetown with it's bohemian atmosphere, well kept homes and gardens and beautiful beaches. With almost Mediterranean temperatures the water was a welcome place to be and the balmy evenings were spent down on the harbour board walk listening to music, while tourists meandered around, the ladies in their summer dresses and the guys in shorts and deck shoes.  

Now we are back home again we have been visiting local beaches and lakes to cool off in the higher than usual temperatures for July, armed with a picnic lunch, brolly and blanket we are all set.  I am not complaining at all as I know how quickly the summers end here and it is lovely to be making the most of having my two daughters home for the summer before they go back to University again.

Hazel x