March 30, 2010

Flowers, Spring, Easter ......

It's fast approaching my most favourite time of year when the snow will be gone for good, the snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils and buds start to open with the onset of warmer Spring weather. Here in Nova Scotia it does seem to take a long time for Spring to arrive and I will have read numerous UK blogs in the meantime with all the lovely photos of colourful spring happenings, but that's fine. It adds to the anticipation factor and I am a pretty patient person generally speaking.
I had been messing around on my blog settings lately and had changed to the new comment options, which unfortunately opened the doors for some anonymous users, who were leaving unsavoury spam comments that I had to delete rapidly!!! Hopefully going back to the old style settings will have sorted that issue out.
I am busy studying again and have just finished the unit entitled 'decorating with furniture'. I found it very interesting and once I had armed myself with some sharp pencils, tracing paper, a scale ruler and a good eraser I was ready to start dabbling in drawing some rooms to scale. I drew and placed furniture around in different formats to create harmonious, balanced and pleasing arrangements on paper. Fun stuff!!
It's a short week this week for Craig and the girls and I am looking forward to having them all at home for a few days over Easter, especially as the sun is promising to shine and we are planning on getting the outdoor furniture from the barn where it has been in storage for a few months. It will need to be oiled again and in a few weeks the BBQ will make an appearance and Craig can take on the role of Chef occasionally, which he enjoys.
Jemma soon starts her end of year exams and will just complete them before she has to move out of her first year accommodation and then heads off to China on her month long Biology field trip. When she returns the hunt for her own apartment in the City will begin. She is very excited to move out of her tiny dorm room and won't miss the noise, filthy shared bathroom or rude fire alarm awakenings at 3am thanks to the inconsiderate party goers who find it so funny on a regular basis!!
Amber recently started her drivers education course and will be getting her learners licence soon. She has been quite busy taking photos recently, getting in touch with her creative side. Her deviant art page is getting more popular now that she has resumed it after being banned as a member a few years ago for being under the required minimum age. She was only 12 when her love of photography began. Her current goal is to save up for a fancy DSLR camera either Nikon or Canon.
With plans to list our home this Spring there will be quite a lot of activity going on, making sure the maintenance is all up to date ready for any showings we may have. It's early days but we are planning well in advance, as properties can take forever to sell in the valley and in a couple of years Amber will be off to University somewhere and the two of us will be rattling around in far too many rooms.
It hardly seems possible that it was just 5 years ago when we first arrived and were blown away by the breathtaking beauty of the valley. The girls were only 11 and 14 during our first summer here.

Things have changed and we now feel the need to move a little closer to the City and Craig's office.
Well until Easter time, bye for now
H xx

March 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Back home again after my two weeks holiday in South Africa and it feels like the sun has followed me. I probably shouldn't feel too smug though as I'm sure we still have another snowfall due before winter bids us a final farewell.
It's was so exciting to see Craig and Amber again and even Jemma was able to escape working in the City to spend the weekend with us. Feeling just a little jet lagged, I slipped back into my role of Mother hen :) I feel relaxed, regenerated and happy that I was able to spend so much time with my mum, dad, sister, brother and auntie, as well as meeting quite a few extended members of my family for the first time too.
It was my birthday just a few days after I arrived and my sister Heidi was very sweet and organised a little get together at her beautiful home to celebrate.

The two weeks flew by so fast and were filled with fun times, delicous lunches, and interesting African sights. Johannesburg is booming with many new businesses, buildings, roadworks, traffic and people! Quite different to where I live now in Nova Scotia.

My little sister Heidi, spoiling me on my birthday
The day and night at Sun City can only be described as pure luxury, in our own suite at The Palace!! (very swanky) My mum, sister and I had some precious girly time together followed by several pampering treatments at the Gary Player Spa.
Below is the spectacular view from our balcony!

Another lovely place we visited a couple of times was a restaurant called Bellini and alongside is an old style home that has been converted into several little shops. It was all so beautiful I just had to get my camera out to try to capture it.

Lunch at Bellini with mum and auntie Joy
A week into my stay my auntie Joy came over from England to stay with Mum for a month and I was able to spend plenty of time with her too, it must be about 15 years since we have seen each other!

My little brother Kevin
Well all good things must come to an end and I have some great memories to treasure and will not be waiting so long until my next visit. It's a long way to travel, but well worth it.
It's also good to be 'home sweet home' back in the valley ready to start some serious Spring cleaning. The Canadian geese are already back and I have spotted a few squirrels and chipmunks awake from their long winter sleep looking energetic and hungry.
Hazel x