November 24, 2008

Any sign of Mr Tumnus?

This weekend we woke up to a land resembling Narnia! It would appear that Winter has arrived a little early for us here in the Maritimes. Icicles on the roof. Driving home from work in blizzard conditions on Thursday I was very glad to have had my snow tires fitted in time. Everything came to a standstill as the snow had drifted into such deep dunes by Saturday morning that we couldn't get out of our driveway to go anywhere.
Having been very excited about my appointment with the hairdresser on my day off, it didn't look likely that I would make the 9am slot! Sure enough, I phoned to discover that I wasn't the only one trapped by a giant snow drift. Most stores and shopping malls were only going to be open by lunchtime at the earliest.
Well this did mean that we had no choice but to remain indoors keeping cosy by the wood fire. Actually that is not not entirely true. Amber had an invite to her friends house for a sleepover and as we had 'promised' she could go I volunteered to do the driving (kind or mad - I'm not sure). A local farmer showed up by lunchtime and ploughed the driveway so we could at least get the car out on to the road.
It took a little longer than usual, cautiously driving through 'mashed potato' type snow is interesting, guessing where the road, ditch, fences etc merged with my nose practically pressed against the windscreen! Needless to say I managed to get Amber delivered to her friend's door and make the trip back safely, with only a couple of dodgy manoeuvres along the way. Some of the roads had been ploughed, but on one side only, not that I encountered many fellow drivers crazy enough to be on the road! There were however plenty of cheery folk out shovelling and blowing snow, all sporting rosy cheeks and cute bobble hats! - keep in mind that this is early in the winter season and still somewhat of a novelty. Grinning doesn't come as spontaneously as the weeks of snow go by, unless they are frozen ones :D
This afternoon the sun is shining and the girls are home from school and already wearing their snowsuits and giggling as I write. Archie on the other hand is quite perplexed by the whole snow deal and would like some answers please.

Archie gazing out of the window, looking a little puzzled
Hazel xx

November 07, 2008

Ships in the night ....

At least that's what it has felt like over the past couple of weeks. Between my erratic working hours the girls with their various after school commitments, volunteer work and Craig's full time job almost an hours drive away. So last Sunday Craig decided that we should go on a 'family drive' forcing us to spend 'quality' family time together. This was met with groans, rolling of eyes and slumped shoulders, and that was just me! Only kidding, we all went along with his special request and meandered around the back streets of the valley for a couple of hours, only getting lost once, which after a quick group study of the map set us in the right direction again.
Our unplanned route took us past this place
Tangled Garden
Run by a friendly lady called Beverley who chatted to us whilst preparing some herbal concoction behind the counter. Her business and premises are quite enchanting and we will most certainly be going back for a visit in the summertime when her gardens are looking their best. If you are into gourmet food then it's a gem of a find, some of the jellies looked yummy and the bottled vinegars quite intriguing!
I can see myself snuggled up by the wood stove on a snowy Saturday evening sipping one of her new liqueurs too :)
The girls disappeared outside with the camera to take a few snaps in the now out of season garden which still looks delightful. You can see from Beverley's website link that it does look stunning in the summer.
Jemma amongst the 'tousle bushes'
All in all, our spontaneous drive went very well, with a more than a little reminiscing taking place in the confined space of our car. Remembering what, when and where funny and memorable events have taken place over the many years and several countries on our travels can be quite challenging but between the four of us we came to realise what a huge catalogue of memories we have built up and it was a great afternoon.
Thanks to Craig's persistence I might add ;)
Hazel xx