May 25, 2007

Halls Harbour Visit

What a wonderful day it was today! Bright and early this morning Jemma and I went looking for 'yard sales'. We stopped at one we had visited last year and picked up an old garden bench, a mirror and a small wooden coffee table. Three new 'painting' projects for me to do next week! All for just $10 (what a bargain).
Found this cute little milk bottle at the yard sale too!
Yesterday I felt like an invalid! I had pulled a muscle in my shoulder. Couldn't quite pin-point how, but I think it was moving some very heavy planters full of seedlings the day before. My right elbow was 'pinned' to my side and I couldn't lift it up or to the side even slightly. I was dosed up on paracetamol and felt really cross with myself, because there was so much I wanted to do.
Amber took part in the Regionals athletic competition yesterday. Her event was the 'triple jump'. She came 5th out of about 20 girls from all the different provinces. Her best jump was 8.21M, a personal best, so even though she didn't get through to the Provincials she was pretty chuffed with herself, and we are all very proud of her!
Jemma has just changed one of her options at school for grade 11 next year. She is now doing 'advanced physics' after being advised to take it by her science teacher. Jemma hopes to go on to University locally to do a science degree. Only 2 more years now before she leaves high school!
Two more vehicles were collected from the barn today where they have been in storage for the winter, for some local people. Craig was glad of the extra cash, which helps with maintaining the building, painting etc.
We went for a lovely drive to Halls Harbour this afternoon, as the temperature soared up to 30 degrees celcius. Down by the sea it was a bit cooler. The girls had ice creams and we popped into the little antique shop there.
Jemma, wearing her new linen shorts.

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  1. Hi Hazel, I am so glad I came across your flickr photos and as a consequence your blog. I'm looking forward to reading more posts!


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