May 23, 2007

Summer is coming!

Couldn't resist writing a few more lines on my blog today. The sun is shining and the temperature is about to get much warmer tomorrow, this makes me 'very' happy. Could this finally be the summer we have been waiting for?
Today I got bitten by the 'painting bug'. It seems to happen every summertime :) I started out this morning by touching up all the kitchen cabinets, which had taken a few knockings over the past year. Then I continued up the back stairs after doing a bit of sanding first. They all look good as new. Tomorrow I hope to start the desk in the study, after that who knows what I will find to tickle with my paintbrush and pot of white paint!
Jemma has just come home from school and found a parcel she ordered on e-bay, a pair of brand new cute little linen shorts. Craig is in the middle of painting the driveway after water blasting it first, it will be soon be looking smart again ready to put the gazebo on. The black fly season has just started and we will really need the protection when sitting outside at supper time and in the early evening. The topsoil needs to get finished today with Craig and I working as a team. I will post some before and after pics later.
We potted some more flowers today, lobelia, pansies, pink rock cress and blue larkspur, some will be going out in the flower beds tomorrow after the 'last' ground frost tonight.
Bye for now
Hazel x

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  1. Sounds like you all are getting ready for the summer! Can't wait to see all your fresh painted furnitures and beautiful garden!


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