May 19, 2007

First blog post on blogspot!

Welcome to my new blog, which you may have been directed to from my old one.
Jemma my eldest daughter was very kind and patient helping me get it just right :) Now I just need to keep it updated once a week.
Craig has completed his third week back at work and seems to be settling in and getting used to the big change in his daily routine.
Amber came second in the triple jump event at the district sports competition on Wednesday and has qualified to take part in the regional competition on Saturday morning. Craig is going to help with her training as soon as the rain stops!
I managed to 'finally' get myself a haircut! My last 'trim' was in November, where has the time gone? Anyway it feels much healthier now resting on my shoulders, I must 'not' leave it such a long time before my next visit to a hairdressers.
Before the rain came I was busy in the garden, helping to lay down top soil and raking in some grass seed. We found two lovely hanging baskets full of blue trailing lobelia, which the hummingbirds love to feed on, almost as much as the sugar water we make up for them.
The little birch tree that we transplanted is doing well and seems happy with the move from the top of the field, to a spot much closer to the back door.
Archie is 'shedding' his winter coat especially on my black trousers!
A photo of the sweet little humming birds, actually taken last summer, the trees don't have this many leaves on them this year yet.
Please do feel welcome to leave any comments and/or links to your blogs and flickr accounts. My new shorter haircut!


  1. The new blog is looking good! I'll update the link on mine.

    And the new haircut looks great too! I think eveytime I go to my hairdresser I swear I won't take so long between cuts... but it never fails that when I finally return it is overdue!

    I've been out in the garden too, my favorite time of the year when everything starts to bloom and the trees finally fill. Enjoy!

  2. Hazel, you look lovely as always!
    Welcome to blogger. ^___^

    p/s: florspace doesn't have an asterisk in between anymore. Just thought you might like to know! :+)


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