May 31, 2007

Paint Projects

This morning I spent far too long browsing through so many wonderful blogs and going off on numerous tangents! I am going to add a few lines to my own.
Yesterday I finally managed to finish off all 3 of my little 'paint projects'. The mirror didn't turn out as well as I hoped, on further inspection it is perhaps more 'shabby' than 'chic' :D Never mind, the other two I am pleased with and at $10 for all 3 items, it was such a great find. The larger wooden bench on the right was last years project, this little one will probably sit nicely under the shade of a tree.
Garden bench made from wood and metal.
The small table is so versatile that I haven't quite decided where it should go yet.
That's it for today, better do some work now :)



  1. What a delicious blog you have here. It is beautiful, just like you and your home. I look forward to coming back and think that the small table in the picture is adorable.

    Love Cherry xx

  2. Hi Hazel!
    Love your yard-sale-projects. They don't have it here in mExico - unfortunately! but I bought a lot of things in istanbul from the street vendours for next to nothing. my husband always was so horrified when I brought things home which looked like they could never be rescued... But with a coat of fresh paint I could always convince him...
    I enjoy your blog very much and I thing Jemma is amazing with her talent to surprise you with perfect gifts!

  3. Painted furniture is my favourite! Just beautiful


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