June 03, 2007

First weekend in June

Why does this time of year go so fast? It's the end of a lovely weekend. Yesterday Craig and I got up early, leaving our two teenage daughters' in bed having a 'lie-in' after a busy week at school and a later than normal Friday evening. They had been to watch a school play, put on by the seniors in high school. They both enjoyed it and were in a very good mood when we picked them up at 9pm and not in the slightest bit tired. Craig and I spent the two hours in the local shopping mall nearby and I treated them to some new summer PJ's on sale at La Senza, which look super cute, Jemma in powder blue and Amber's in a coffee colour.
Anyway, Saturday morning Craig and I drove over to the North mountain on the other side of the Annapolis valley and stopped by some yard sales and a nursery, where we found a very pretty white lilac bush for our garden, which smells heavenly. The rest of the day was spent doing our own thing, mainly in the garden. Jemma and Amber went off into the orchard for a 'photo shoot' (see below) and we just enjoyed the warm June weather.
Today, Sunday we drove 10 minutes up to the lake to visit some friends before lunchtime, they have a house in the most wonderful lakeside setting, with their own little beach! The pedelo was out before we knew it and J & A were off across the lake wearing their life jackets of course!
Craig is off on a work contract tomorrow down in Weymouth, about 2 hours drive away, he is helping a local carpenter to convert a double garage into a cottage and will be staying down there all week coming home at the weekends only, until the job is finished, which may take a few weeks.
Hazel x

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