January 19, 2010

Decorating Diva

Well not quite! I just thought the title sounded rather snappy :)
I have been waiting patiently for the first study unit of my new course in Interior Decorating to arrive in the mail and I'm happy to say that this weekend it did - Yay!!
In the meantime Craig and had been itching to work on a couple of small rooms in our home. I know this is 'putting the cart before the horse' but when the mood is right "Get your painting shirt on!" is my motto.
Our walk in pantry was looking a wee bit 'shabby', which is in keeping with the farmhouse kitchen look we have, but a facelift was required for this little room that we hadn't painted properly during the 4 years living here. Also a great excuse to do a major sort out, chuck out and re-arranging in the process.
As the dining room table became piled high with Lock n'lock and Tupperware containers, followed by mixing bowls, baking ingredients and breakfast cereals I was beginning to wonder how it would all fit back on the shelves again. Empty plastic food containers and glass jars were sorted into recycling bins, one or two expired items hiding at the back were put into the compost bin along with an unidentified powder in a zip lock bag?? Those odd ingredients that you use for a new recipe experiment, but never seem to need again.
Craig did the filling in of nail holes and small cracks that always appear during the winter due to the stove drying out the wood. Sanding and a lick or two of paint really freshened up this little room .
Once the paint had cured I had the fun task of putting everything back a different way, this time nothing on the top shelves (so no step ladder required) I can reach everything now.

I'm happy with my new look pantry.
Here is a close up of some measuring spoons, hand painted by Jemma and given to me for Christmas. If you look closely you can see our family initials on them :)
Yesterday I began studying unit one of my distance learning course. I got so immersed in it that the time flew by and was interrupted by a phone call from my Mum in South Africa. Her timing was perfect as it was time for a tea break and chat across the miles.
Hazel x


  1. Absolutely Fabulous! I must say, I love the red polka dot mugs, you must check out my red polka dot stuff to go with it! Its all looking so lovely. Well done! Keep up the good work, I love the Blog so much.

  2. Thanks Terri,
    I would love to come and check out your polka dot stuff too. It's about time I paid a visit to the tea room again to see you both an enjoy a nice cup of tea :)

  3. sis - everything matches perfectly!!!!! your course should be a breeze.

  4. Another inspiring blog Hazel - good luck with the deco course. I spotted the teacloth that I sent you! Gorgeous spoons too.

  5. Hiya! I was looking at search results to see where certain items in my Etsy shop would appear, and I came across your post of Oct. 31, 2008 with the tiny felt fox. :) Yours is adorable! :) I was looking for mine, which you can see here:

    Following you now. What a pretty blog.
    aka Dreary Mouse of Moss Mountain#

  6. Hi Hazel,
    Your blog is looking beautiful, with a new title photo of your home :)
    I am in awe of what you do!! Your home is so stylish and beautifully decorated, I'm sure you will absolutely LOVE and breeze through all your assignments for your new course!
    Much love
    Kathy xx


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