February 03, 2010

Groundhog Folklore

On Tuesday Feb 2nd, after hearing the Folklore Groundhog prediction that there are another 6 weeks of winter left I felt a little disheartened. The thermometer in Craig's car read -22 degrees C as he left that day for his evening of darts, so I suspect Mr Groundhog is correct again as he has been for the last 11 years locally.
However, that was two days ago. Yesterday the mailbox contained the second installment of my home study course - Yay!! So, today here I sit, having a computer morning, bundled up in the study finishing lesson 3 entitled 'Meeting your Client's Needs' I am enjoying being immersed in reading material, scribbling down notes, researching and putting together a portfolio of clippings and samples as I go along.

During my waiting time between study units
a copy of the latest Cath Kidston catalogue arrived in the mail from the UK. It was like an injection of Spring as I leafed through the pages of pretty kitchen ware and fabrics. Obviously Spring is a while away yet, but it will come along eventually, usually about a month behind the UK.
Despite the hibernation inducing weather we have managed to get out and have a little social fun in the evening. Friends of ours hosted their 3rd annual Cocktail competition party on Saturday. The theme Casino Royale meant we could dress up 007 style! I love parties, especially when there is an excuse to dress up too! Taking along ingredients for a cocktail of our choice for 8 people we chose the Rum Rollover and came a respectful second! It was a lovely evening and certainly a welcome break from the mid winter blues.
'Shaken, not stirred'
Hazel x


  1. Cocktail party sounds fun and you and Craig look very glam.
    Cath Kidston catalogue!!! Jealous!

  2. you look Hot!!!!! Cocktail party at -22 is quite brave.

  3. Dear Hazel, hope your weather improves soon! Maybe you should migrate south for the winter :-)
    <3 LOVE <3 that photo! So gorgeous!
    Kath x


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