April 04, 2009

Spring Cleaning - Yay!!!

I do 'enjoy' Spring cleaning! This week I made a start and hope to tackle a room a week this month.First it was time to open up the front lounge again after it had been closed off for the 3 coldest months of the year. Opening up the double wooden doors from our cosy winter lounge was like a breath of fresh air. That was until I discovered the amount of dust that had accumulated all over the window sills and skirting boards! I also found more than one little spider had set up home in the chandelier during our absence! I was soon lugging all the furniture back to it's rightful place and it felt great to be able to use the space again.The sun has been shining for most of the day, it was quite warm as we stood in line to register Amber for the girls under 16's soccer team. Soccer is the sport she has decided to give a whirl this year (couldn't possibly have anything to do with her boyfriend being an avid player now could it?) Well didn't Keira Knightley look cute in a pair of shorts for the movie Bend it like Beckham! Some of Amber's friends are quite horrified at the idea of her kicking a ball around a field. I'm sure she will have fun and I think she looks just as good in a pair of shorts as Miss K :)Craig seems to have caught the Spring cleaning fever too. He had sanded and repainted all the door thresholds while we were out! We have to step over them for a few hours until they are dry (Hmmm, has anyone remembered to tell Archie I wonder?) Two pretty additions to my kitchen this week. Couldn't resist this set of 5 cotton tea towels and the cutest bluebird mini salt and pepper pots. I have actually filled them with cinnamon and nutmeg to sprinkle on my morning oatmeal and apple slices. Hope nobody shakes them over their fish and chips by mistake!
Well I shall be off now with a spring in my step until next weekend.
Hazel x


  1. Hazel, it is so good to hear that spring is almost upon you! I can hear the absolute delight in your post :)
    I do hope that Archie doesn't tread in the wet paint, and leave little paw prints all over your floors. Although they would look so sweet :)
    Good luck to Amber for the soccer season! She's going to love it! It's a great game for girls, and I look forward to hearing all about it! (Emma has her first game today, Olli played in about 10 inches of mud yesterday!)
    Your bluebirds are beautiful <3
    Take care,
    K x

  2. Isn't Spring wonderful, brushing away the cobwebs of winter. Your lounge looks lovely, restful and very comfy.

    We agree that Amber looks very cute in her shorts :o)Good luck with the Footie (oops sorry... Soccer) Amber!

    Cute condiment set too :o)

    Lovely blog as always Hazel,

    Much love


  3. hi there...
    just found your blog
    through flickr
    when looking for craft areas
    for some inspiration
    (and fell in love with yours)

    great crafts and love the photos...

  4. LOVE those bluebirds - they are just gorgeous! A very nice lavender heart too!
    Spring cleaning is a great way to welcome in the lighter days and that room looks so peaceful, I would like to live in it.
    Well done to Amber - I am sure she will enjoy it.

  5. Spring feels so good!

  6. I'm delighted to find someone else who likes to clean - I get fed up with friends who make rude remarks about my regularly doing the housework - is it that they are just lazy!!


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