March 29, 2009

Time for Tea?

That's precisely what Craig and I made time for last weekend. We called in at the Telegraph Tea Room. Good friends of ours Terri and James, recently opened the doors of their new business. Having emigrated from England like ourselves, they fell in love with Nova Scotia and decided to set up home in a beautiful old house and have been working hard over the past few months. With the custom built extension (take a look at this link) and the arrival of the furniture on the slow boat all the way from India it was 'show time'. Their products are fair trade and organic! I have mentioned Terri before in a previous blog post, a Horticulturist by trade with years of experience under her belt, she spent a long time choosing the perfect location, which has wonderfully rich soil. They have exciting plans for the garden, which sound amazing. She is already running gardening talk classes in the evenings.Drinking organic tea in real English bone china cups, it was such a treat to relax and chat in a cosy, relaxed homely environment. Already a popular spot, frequented by newcomers and impressed regulars, their tea room is quite the talk of the town. I hope we will be able to visit again soon as we head into Spring. Hazel x


  1. Your friends' teashop looks very nice - sort of an Arts and Craft look with William Morris wallpaper.
    Bone china teacups - but where are the scones?
    Thanks for your comment on my blog - I can still taste those figs!

  2. any one for a cuppa????
    exactly how organic is the tea?
    I throw all the old tea bags on to my compost heap, thats organic tea in my house.
    mwa mwa mwah

  3. Ahh the scones? Well I'm not 'exactly' the best candidate when it comes to the yummy treats am I :) Terri has a wonderful selection of cakes and scones. Craig must have already eaten his when I took the photo!
    She also bakes some wheat or sugar free ones too, but we turned up unanounced that day :)
    Heidi I must remember NOT to ask for a cup of tea when I come to your house!!

  4. Hey Hazel~ I just wanted to let you know that I put your photos on my blog today. So you might want to go read some of the lovely comments people are writing about your house! THey love it. Daisy~

  5. Beauty-full!! What a lovely teashop, and how special for you and Craig to share together :)

    Take care,
    Kathy x

  6. oh it looks a lovely space and such a relaxed environment for a lovely cup of tea. good to catch up on your news Hazel, best wishes kat

  7. Yes, we remember you telling us about your friends plans to open this Tea Shop. It looks wonderful...Wow you had the place to yourselves, hope you didn't sluuurrrp your tea! :o)

    Love & hugs


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