March 19, 2009

First 'official' day of Spring in Canada!!

It's true Spring is here! At least according to the radio station this morning as I was drinking my early morning cup of tea. Of course this date does not have anything to do with the weather and I don't think we will see a daffodil or even a crocus for a few weeks yet in Nova Scotia, though I will keep my eyes peeled and shall try to have my camera at the ready :)
Archie is perky though and so keen to get outside and investigate as the patches of grass gradually get bigger as the snow melts away.
Here comes the green grass!!
It is now light when we have breakfast and the girls are enjoying a few days off school on March break.
Jemma is, as of yesterday, properly registered at St Mary's University and will be studying for a Science Degree as well as introductory Japanese, a huge passion of hers for quite a few years now. She is so excited at the prospect of living in the City, being independent and going to Uni.
For the past couple of weeks I have been a little pre-occupied with my own health. Born with a rare genetic liver condition 'Glycogen Storage Disease' Back in the 60's and 70's not much was known about the disease and after being diagnosed at 18 months old the Doctors at that time could offer no help or treatment and my Mum was told that I wasn't likely to make it past 10 years old! I was monitored up to the age of 11 when we moved to Norway. Since then I never managed to find a Doctor who was interested and coped with the symptoms by myself by carefully watching my diet. Just a few weeks ago I had a slightly worrying routine blood test and decided to 'google' GSD out of curiosity and was amazed to find a number of people on line with this rare condition. I have joined GSDlife as well as a group on facebook, for people with type 3. I have been intrigued and uplifted by the stories I have read and the support available. Babies are now being treated 'properly' with cornstarch and there is on going research being done to help the younger generation. This is such wonderful news and something that I just had to mention this week. There is still no cure, but hopefully in time there will be.
Not only is it Spring but I also have a Saturday off work tomorrow so am taking the girls on a long overdue visit to the Mall. We may have a nice bit of girly time checking out the new Spring fashions. It will be nice to see some pretty pastel shades in the stores again in anticipation of those milder days to come.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)
Hazel x


  1. Another lovely blog Hazel. I will have to look into this GSD - just wait until my mum is gone - its pretty full on at the moment. My brother here for the w'end too.

  2. Yes, the first day of Spring...and we get rain! At least we don't have snow!

    Glad you've found a couple of GSD groups to interact with. Just hope that your 'preoccupation' with it doesn't mean you have been feeling unwell of late!? *hugs*

    Hope you girlies have a fun time at the Mall, and bag lots of goodies :o)

    Much love xxxx

  3. Oh yay for you! Spring is nearly there :)
    I think you are amazing Hazel, for coping with GSD on your own, and continuing to live such a full life!
    Take care
    Kathy xx

  4. Dear Hazel, I'm writing you from Rome-Italy, and I just wanna let you know that reading your blog, made me feel great, my smile is back now on my face... I love the way you love your life and your family, and especially the way you talk about the small things around you... by the way, you're picture are great too! I found you're blog casually, I was locking about some nice picture on and I saw yours... and here I am now, writing you... I have to go now, but I'll be back soon... I wish all of you the sunniest day ever and a great start of the week!
    Best, Remus

  5. YIPEE - I know how much you love spring and summer. We are heading into you know - winter a long 2 months....hee hee
    Finding a support group - dont you just love the internet. Love ja

  6. Hi. I just came across your lovely home on Flickr and I thought I would do a post about it and your blog on my blog if that was alright with you. Daisy~


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