March 08, 2009

Back from Cuba!!

I am so lucky to have been able to visit Cuba for the second time, I just love the place! We arrived back home at 6am Friday morning after a week away. As it was our 20th year together and also my birthday, Craig and I took a holiday on our own for the very first time since the girls were born! Kind of a second honeymoon. I admit I had my worries about leaving Jemma and Amber home alone, which is why I didn't write a blog post before we left. You can't be too careful on the internet, or is that paranoid? We kept the number of people we told to a minimum. Even though they are 15 and 17 and very sensible, the neigbours kept an eye on the house and it was a regular school week for them, with just one snow day. Archie was well looked after, the house was tidy and they are now experts at keeping the woodstove going. We were told on our return that they had both been poorly for a few days. Amber even had a fever, but Jemma was a good nurse and took good care of her little sister :)

Our holiday was wonderful, most days were warm and sunny. Staying on Cayo Coco in an all inclusive 5 star resort meant that the food and drinks were in abundance with just about everything you could imagine available. Fresh tropical fruit, salads, vegetables, grilled seafood prepared right in front of us, special cheeses etc. For those wishing to indulge the selection of sweets was spectacular too, including the flambe bananas, just watching the chef cook those was a form of entertainment in itself! We were fortunate enough to get a 'honeymoon' upgrade with a special room actually opening out onto the beach!

The view from our room!
Friendly waiters and bar staff made for a romantic, fun and memorable trip. Walking on the beach first thing in the morning was like being in a different world and just a 3.5 hour flight away from home.
Now we are back things have quickly returned to normal again, with a ton of laundry to catch up on I decided to take the bedding and towels to the local laundromat for a hot wash this morning, taking the pressure off our septic system!
Craig was back at work within a few hours of being home, driving all the way back into Halifax for an emergency meeting! I had a busy full day at work yesterday, now the cafe has re-opened the customers have been flooding in despite the still falling snow :)
We both feel refreshed though and well rested after a good dose of sunshine and romance.

Hazel xx


  1. Oh wow! Wonderful happy post :-)
    Glad that the girls were ok on their own, and you & Craig had such a special time away together.

    It's great to have you back 'online' and in touch :)

    Kathy xxx

  2. So glad you had a nice time! Oh, to warm up again!!! I cannot wait until July. :)

  3. Hazel - the pictures look wonderful! The life style change clearly suits you! We are due to visit canad in September -travelling from Toronto to vancouver on the Canadian and the Rocky Mountaineer(Geoffrey is a great train lover!) - Keep some good weather for us!

    Caroline and Geoffrey

  4. Congrats Sis - what an amazing place to visit looks like Paradise.
    Hope you did not get any sleep while you were there........hee heee

  5. What a gorgeous place. Lovely to see the two of you chilled out and so happy. Well done to Jemma & Amber for managing on their own, it must have seemed a little strange for them. No stopping you now hey! A holiday for you and Craig every year (at least)from now on!

    Lots of love


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