February 22, 2009

Flurries in February

The last couple of weeks haven't been very news worthy, so I didn't update my blog last weekend as there wasn't very much to report really. The snow flurries are still hanging in there, with the occasional wild storm keeping the kids home from school and the buses off the roads for safety. Most of us still make our way into work, for me that means greeting the few and far between customers with a friendly smile, some chit chat and offer of a hot cup of tea or coffee on the house :) Just one more week before the Wheaton's cafe re-opens and things get busy again.
St. Valentines day came and went and Craig surprised me with a bottle of my favourite perfume 'Angel', secretly bought on his business trip to Atlanta, he was going to wait until my birthday, but decided it was more appropriate for the 14th instead, very observent of him to notice that there was just a smidgen remaining in my current bottle! We joined our friends Greg and Tina for a lovely lunch while Jemma and Amber spent the afternoon with their boyfriends' and were each presented with dinner, flowers and chocolates. The girls were walking on air when they came home and couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the evening :)
Earlier this week Jemma booked a tour of St Mary's University in Halifax, which is likely to be the University she will attend later this year. It was an in-service day at high school so Amber and Takuto came along too. Takuto is hoping to be accepted at St.Mary's as an International student.
Takuto puts a protective arm around Jemma
I liked that all the buildings on campus are linked by walkways, so there is no need to actually go outside during the winter months except to the gymnasium. We all followed the guide as he almost sprinted through each department, up and down stairs, it was quite exhausting! We ended the tour by having a quick peek at the rooms in residence. 'Compact' is the word that springs to mind, with barely enough space to swing a cat (not that you would want to), but I guess that's all a student needs, a place to sleep and study away from the hustle and bustle of hectic student life. I got ever so slightly choked up at the thought of my little Jem moving into her own place in the big City, but she will soon be 18 and it's time to let loose those apron strings a bit. On exiting the University the predicted snow storm had hit hard and fast with a good 20cm's of snow now covering the ground. It was a very slow and careful drive home on the yet to be ploughed highway. The journey home took almost twice as long as usual but we made it safely and got the fire going in time for dinner.
Hazel x


  1. Cute photo of Jem and her young man. University will be so exciting for her - you will shed a tear or two Hazel, its only natural.

  2. Ahhhh!Loves young dream :o) How sweet.

    Glad you all had a lovely Valentines day!

    Agree with Sweet Mary's comment ....be brave *hugs*

    Much love as always

  3. Hi Hazel,
    Where are you, where are you??
    Hopefully somewhere warm, and sunny, soaking up the rays :)
    Hope you had an amazing Birthday!
    Loved the 'candy hearts'...took me straight back to high school ;)

    Can't believe your Jemma will be starting University! Where have the years gone?

    Chat soon,
    Much love
    Kathy x


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