February 10, 2009

Thinking of the people in Victoria

I'm sure at the forefront of every ones minds right now are the victims in the State of Victoria, Australia. It's hard to imagine such horror as terrible fires have raged through vast areas taking numerous lives causing awful injuries and leaving many mourning the loss of friends and loved ones. I cannot comprehend that some of these fires have actually been started deliberately! It is unthinkable, cruel and so vicious.
The brave firemen who have risked their own lives in selfless acts of courage, deserve so much praise, they do a great job.
That being said I shall be thankful that we have the cold climate and shan't complain one bit this week.
This is a photo of a 4ft long icicle (you will have to take my word for it) outside our back door, with the sunset in the background, taken by Craig as he came home from work the other day.
Over the weekend Craig was asked to join some guys on an impromptu snow mobile jaunt. The conditions being just perfect for outdoor sporting activities; lots of packed snow, little wind and a clear blue sky. His initial reaction was that he didn't really fancy it, but he decided to go along for the first time, grabbing a few necessary items, including waterproof gloves and a balaclava! Leaving at about 9am and only returning late afternoon, stopping half way for a lunch of fish and chips at a bistro. I believe they clocked up 90 miles in total! He absolutely loved it I am happy to say! Just a little sore the following day from the intense concentration and balancing required, aching muscles not normally used I suspect :)
He will definitely join the gang next time they ask him along. One of the group members was a chap in his mid 80's, fit as a fiddle, belting along at top speed with a sharp sense of humour to boot!
No such excitement in my life! I am still enjoying February though. The girls will be seeing their respective 'friends' on Valentines day and are looking forward to that. Craig and I will most probably join some of our friends for lunch in the village. The orchard looking quite naked in the pristine snow.Footprints 'to' the school bus and 'from' the school bus :)
Til next week
Hazel x


  1. Could that be a more perfect name for a house - Blossom Hill.

  2. Yes, it is a terrible tragedy in Oz :o( No we don't understand why anyone would want to start a devastating fire deliberately, but it happens here too.

    Sounds like Craig had a Wooo-Hooo time with his buddies! :o)

    Great photo's once again!

    Much love

  3. Thank you for thinking of the Australian people at the moment it really is so horrible, we have the fires at one end & terrible floods at the other.All we can do is pray it will all soon end. Thanks Hazel.
    PS As usual your home looks just beautiful.

  4. 4 foot ice i keeel???????????
    holy crap!!!!!
    brrrrrrrr brrrrrrrr
    we had rain and rain last night - my bedroom almost flooded.......really, must have been a golf ball that broke the tiles on the roof, will see later. hot cold ice rain wind - what next??????


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