February 01, 2009

February is here - Yippee!!

It's the month of February and that makes me smile :)
Here are a few reasons why...
1. I'm almost over the flu :)
2. The mornings are going to get significantly lighter :)
3. There will/should be fewer snow falls, slippery roads and frozen fingers and toes :)
4. Valentines Day is in the middle :)
5. My birthday is at the very end :)
6. Archie finally gets to go outside and play :)
7. Exam pressure is over for Jemma and Amber, for a while :)
8. We might just see a groundhog, or perhaps a 'real' chipmunk :)In fact, even though we are still snowed under quite literally, it's not so bad. This morning I had a little rummage through some old photos and came across this one: Little Jemma aged 2, happily playing in the snow, so proud having built her very first snowman!!
And now all these years later, some things never change :)
Also, I am happy because my wonderful hubby Craig came home safely from his trip to Atlanta and I realised just how much I missed him :)
Hazel x


  1. Hi Hazel, what a wonderful blog today, I love ALL your reasons for loving February :)
    Pleased to hear that you are feeling better, gosh it has been a nasty dose of flu, you poor thing.
    Take care of yourself,
    Kathy xxx
    PS: Gorgeous photo's!

  2. I love this cat!!!!
    it's so cute♥♥♥♥

  3. Happy February! Hope it's a very good month for you :o)
    *Tickles Archie under the chin* (Well he was just asking for it!)
    Love the photos of Jemma then and now.
    Glad Craig made it back safe & sound, and hope you shake off the residue of that Flu pdq.

    Love & hugs

  4. Hey I missed you too..!
    Together lets makes February a GREAT month...
    Your "hubby"

  5. adorable cat! so cute!!!

  6. Very cute pics of Archie, Jemma and the chipmunk - thats a lot of snow. Pleasd to hear that Craig got back safe and sound. Thanks for your comment on Country Living - must collect more of those jars.


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