January 18, 2009

It's just too cold!!

We are experiencing the coldest temperatures here in Nova Scotia for about 25 years and I am not exaggerating!! The past five days have been bitter, with windchill temperatures of -30 degrees. Having now closed off the front room, dining room. The downstairs hallway is only just bearable (when walking on the treadmill or running quickly up the stairs). It is the main topic of conversation amongst the locals from the village post office to the girls at work. Now if another person tells me to 'embrace' the winter I shall scream!!! Embracing winter is really not possible for me, I am definitely a summer person, in fact this picture taken from the 'out of bounds dining room' is currently my computer backdrop to remind myself that Spring will be back in a few months :) .While we are freezing our bums off here in Canada, my friend Kathy living in Sydney is cooking in the Australian heat! In fact so are my Mum and sister in SA and my good friend Keriann in NZ (I am just a smidgen envious I have to admit).
Off the weather topic, Jemma has recently been accepted into two local Universities and is growing up so quickly it's unreal. I popped into her bedroom to check on her and see how her studies were going yesterday and took a snap of her tastefully decorated walls.
The huge mirror is a recent addition, her main Christmas gift. She is contemplating whether or not we should re-paint it or keep it the current bronze colour. Her own dress designs are multiplying now that she has discovered that her creative side is a calming and fun break from the books occasionally!
This is what her room looked like when we bought the house.Grey walls and bottle green carpet - not very girly!My own fingers have been creating a few more felt tinies this weekend with a group of 8 heading off to Texas tomorrow.Signing off now as my fingers are numb and blue and I am struggling to type - I do believe the coffee pot is calling me!

Hazel xx


  1. Hi Hazel - I hate the cold too but have to say I have never experienced temps like that - brrr. Jemma's room looks an oasis of calm - opposite of my daughter. Little animals look as gorgeous as ever. Hi to all.

  2. I truly cannot imagine that kind of cold...or any kind, really, but ohhh
    you NS is gorgeous!!!!!
    Jemma room should be in a magazine!!

    M ^..^

  3. Oh my goodness Hazel! It's total inconceivable for me to even begin to imagine just how cold you must be! If I could bottle up, and send you some of our heat, I would :)
    Hang in there, Hazel. *Sending warm vibes your way*
    Jemma's room is looking gorgeous <3

    Love to you all,
    K xx

  4. my frozen sister - you need a big hug. Go back to bed for a cuddle.
    Have a nice mug of hot chocolate...

  5. Just have to say it Hazel... "Embrace the Winter" *sticking fingers in ears so we don't hear the SCREEEAAAM*

    Poor you, we complain when it hits +4c in our winter! Sending you a bottomless coffee pot, and HUGEST HUGS to help keep you warm.

    Love Jemma's room and your newest little creatures; just adorable.

    Much love as always
    xx xx

  6. Hi Haze
    Hard to believe that it can get so cold!! Roll on summer for you
    We love and miss you guys.

  7. Hi Hazel......sounds absolutely awful.......but I would love to be there for a few days just to experience it!
    Take a look at my photos on flickr to see the almond blossom photos that I took today...the daffs are also coming up and the mimosa is exploding into flower.Maybe it will help you to believe the spring IS just round the corner!!!!

    Love and warm hugs from spain
    claudia....Ashes of roses on flickr


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