April 19, 2009

First walk of 2009!!

Things are finally coming alive outside. I have been longing for the snow to melt away, one of the reasons is so I can get back into my early morning walking routine. You see spending 30 minutes on the treadmill whilst staring at a blank wall is not quite the same! I love the fresh country air in Springtime, especially at around 7am.
Today was the day for my first 'outdoor' walk this year and I was looking forward to it.
Wearing my old faithful sneakers, sweatpants and a hoodie I stepped outside and turned on my Ipod...
Heading alongside the towering apple crates, stacked high ready for the Autumn harvest.
Passing by the pond, which no longer resembles a skating rink, all it needs now are a few ducks, dragonflies or possibly some Canadian geese that have returned for the summer. Up the hill in the distanceI could see a herd of deer, they quickly scattered in all directions when they spotted me, leaping and bouncing (the deer, not me!) Not a chance of getting a photo I'm afraid.
I paused at the top of the hill anyway to take in the view (catch my breath). It doesn't look very steep, but my legs told me it was!
Walking along the ridge, swiftly and cautiously bypassing the beehives I headed towards home. Surprisingly I found my own two 'busy bees' hard at work preparing a new veggie patch! Craig and Amber digging and edging a nice bed for some tomatoes, lettuce, spinach and courgettes.
Next week, painting the deck railings?
Hazel x


  1. I enjoyed my walk with you Hazel - and I don't even feel puffed or sweaty. We must do it again!

  2. That was nice & refreshing Hazel. Spring is definitely here! Looking forward to seeing those lovely veggies :o)

    Much love

  3. that is just spectacular to see!!!!!! I do my 5 km walk every morning too - I have fallen in love with the mountain which has a reddish colour from the sun rising over it.I would really enjoy your walk with all the bambi's though


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