April 28, 2009

Hands on deck

It's been almost a year since we built the deck on the back of the house and the wood has had plenty of time to cure. Craig started painting the trellis panels, whilst I tackled the spindles. After whizzing into town with Amber to pick up her boyfriend, I returned home to find Craig had been doing a little 'experimental painting', using a quick method of spray painting the trellis (bad idea!) Spray painting trellis can be a messy business he discovered. I offered to take over, with the meticulous but tedious stippling approach instead. After finishing two panels my arm felt like lead and the sun was going down, so I decided to call it a day. I will endevour to try to pick up where I left off in a couple of days or so. Both girls are off to a school Toga party tomorrow, so will be dancing the evening away in white dresses or sheets.
I may delay publishing this post so I can upload a photo of them before they leave. Next day....
The girls opted for white dresses
I can report this week that our raccoon visitors it seems, will NOT be taking up residence in our barn this year - Yay!! This is mainly due to some advanced planning by Craig. He put a radio up in the roof, which constantly plays the local station. The station's current promotional jingle is "We play..... everything" I personally think 'anything' might be a better word to use! I wonder where they dig up some of the songs, and am embarrassed to say that I remember them all so well too!! They seem rather fond of what they refer to as the 'lost' eighties (hmmm, perhaps a few of those 80's songs should stay 'lost'?).
Anyway, the volume got cranked up after we spotted a couple of furry friends perched on the roof about two weeks ago. They were waiting for dusk to break into one if the cupolas. We have seen them using their ultra sharp claws to prize the wooden slats off like matchsticks before. Just to make it quite clear that they were not welcome we aimed a hose pipe as high as possible and gave them a quick shower - this may sound a bit cruel, but it didn't actually reach them with the water, but managed to unnerve them a little. After the huge stinky mess they made last year, it was necessary . You might remember the story of the evacuation of all their babies, which had us all frantically placing duvets and pillows underneath in case they fell!
It has now been two weeks with no sign of them, so we can only assume that they scampered off to someone else's barn with a bit of luck!
Advance apologies to all raccoon lovers reading this blog, and anyone who's favourite music is from the 80's :)
Hazel x


  1. I love the cute racoon stories!
    Girls look cute in their togas too.

  2. Racoons - tweet! much better than my baboons stories.
    80's music - like I was even born yet!!!!ha ha
    let not forget to mention the return of the 80's fashion - I never knew fashion could be so predictable. leggings!!!!!
    Ankle boots??????? perms????????
    the relics are back.
    love ja sis

  3. AnonymousMay 03, 2009

    Awesome photo caught in the moment.
    Saw your blog link on Flickr. I love shabby chic furniture and you have designed your room lovely.
    I have several pieces of furniture in my home that I can change into shabby chic, although an artist I am not sure what kind of paints would be best protected and finished surfaces etc.
    Your room looks so beautiful, thank you for sharing this.

  4. Love your new blog title photo! Can't wait to see the finished deck, once it's painted...what a mammoth task!
    LOL! I do remember the racoon story :) And think Craig's tactic of the radio is so clever!!

    Love to you all,
    Kathy xx

  5. How clever that you knew Racoons don't like 80's music! Nice action shot of you wielding the paint brush Hazel! Ahhh your girls look lovely :o)

    Off to read your next blog...playing catch up!


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