May 10, 2009


Today is Mother's Day here in Canada and also where my Mum lives in South Africa. I'm not sure why but it's a couple of months earlier in the UK . I feel quite special today and perhaps slightly more deserving this year than previous years, because I'm feeling a bit 'fragile' right now.
Yesterday I took a 'tumble' at work whilst sorting out shelves in the back stock room. I missed my step coming down a ladder, lost my balance and stumbled backwards into an unsuspecting piece of very hard wooden furniture, which I involuntarily whacked with the back of my head!!! Getting back on my feet pretty sharpish, hoping nobody would come rushing over wondering what on earth all the racket was, I carried on as normal. About 10 minutes later the stock room took on a sort of surreal appearance just as my boss called me to the front of the store on the intercom. Walking through the rooms they all looked a little unfamiliar. Needless to say after the staff and customers took one look at my pasty white face and saw the growing egg on my head I was promptly whisked off to the emergency dept. at the local hospital. Bumped (excuse the pun) up the waiting list due to the growing 'egg' and my oddly uneven pupils I was quickly assessed and seemed luckily to have only sustained a concussion. Jemma stayed with me the whole time and Craig was given instructions to monitor me closely for the next 72 hours and wake me up every 2 hours during the night to make sure I knew who I was and could speak coherently (does anyone at 3am?)
I woke up this morning to a lovely cup of tea in bed and the biggest hangover ever! A couple of Tylenol tablets seem to have both the headache and whole pummelled-body feeling under control, for now at least. I think I am over the worst and am getting back to normal again.
My girls have been so sweet today, helping with housework and giving me extra hugs and kisses. Snuggled up on the sofa this afternoon we watched the romantic comedy 'Ghost Town' a very funny movie that had us all in stitches and tears. I love Ricky Gervais's sense of humour.
I spotted this new little visitor outside after the movie, well camouflaged amongst next winter's wood supply. (middle top) He was such a brave little chap coming right up to the back door, sniffing around he even stood on his hind legs and turned around to say "hello". Mr Groundhog, Woodchuck or Gopher
The hummingbirds have also returned, right on cue, they arrive every year after a long and tiring flight, around the 10th May. I haven't managed to capture one on camera yet, but the girls saw them yesterday feeding hungrily on the sugar water outside the kitchen window.
The leaves are almost out on all the trees this week and summer is not too far away :)
Hazel xx


  1. Oh Hazel, what a scary experience! But glad that you seem to be making a full recovery. Just stay away from that storeroom and those steps - ok?!
    Happy Mother's Day to you too, so pleased to hear your girls treated you to such a lovely day :)

    Take care of yourself,
    Kathy xxx

  2. So glad it wasn't worse Hazel - do take care and don't go back to work too soon. x

  3. oh Sis - so sorry you did a upsy dasy.
    glad you are OK, look after your egg head.
    Love the new family member.
    I got a sugar bird feeded but have not seen any yet, how much sugar must I add?

  4. Little Miss Bump! Oooh Ouchie! So sorry to hear about your hurtie *Big Hugs* Hopefully the girls bought you a crash helmet for Mother's day! Certainly glad to hear it didn't turn out to be serious.

    Ghost Town is a great film isn't it! glad Craig & the girls made a fuss of you :o)

    How clever of you to get Mr. Groundhog to chop up your wood for you! He's a cute lil fella isn't he.

    Happy to hear the Hummingbirds are back in residence, yes, Summer is just a flutter away.

    Lots of love to you and all,


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