October 13, 2008


The changing colours of 'Fall'
Today is 'Thanksgiving' here in Canada. That means we all get the day off work and school - Yippee! As a family we don't usually celebrate the holiday but the girls asked if we could make a special effort this year and join in the Canadian spirit of things.
I cooked a roast chicken along with sweet potatoes, carrots and red peppers, all tossed in olive oil with a sprinkling of brown sugar and cinnamon. Pureed pumpkin, broccoli florets, gravy and homemade cranberry sauce on the side made for a colourful and delicious late lunch. Desert was an apple and caramel cake with maple/walnut ice cream. Unfortunately the battery is flat on my camera so I wasn't able to capture it on film.
Following our meal we played board games while laughing hysterically at random things (but you really had to be there)
Alas the sun did not shine, though yesterday was beautiful so we can't complain. Jemma went into Halifax with two friends on Saturday and we visited some new English friends at their lakeside home in the evening. Two different lots of visitors went home with bags full of our apples yesterday as well as a few baby potatoes from Craig's experimental 'potato crate'! Personally I thought it seemed like a lot of hard work for a meagre offering of spuds - but I think he had fun, especially dismantling the crate and digging in the sawdust by hand, along with his friend Greg, (boyish memories of mud pies perhaps?)
This afternoon we have (well, Craig mostly) insulated a few windows. Every little helps and the big picture windows lose a lot of heat so we have put up some temporary plastic film. The type that can be dried taut with a hairdryer. We used the stuff way back when Jemma was born, in our first home in Camberley and it worked well then.
No news on my shop this week, I have stopped promoting my animals on-line, if fact I hardly ever seem to get on the computer these days, just not enough hours in the day to do everything. My work hours at Wheaton's have been longer than I had anticipated for the last month. I apologise to my friends on facebook who I feel I have neglected recently :( I think I may need some practice at 'time management'
I actually cheated on the photo above (it was taken this time last year looking across at our next door neighbour's house and garden). Since it was taken their beautiful 'pavilion' gazebo got blown into a crumpled irreparable heap (rather like ours did in Spring!)
Hazel x


  1. Hi Hazel- I could taste that late lunch, it all sounded so delicious. The photo is very pretty even if a year old and needs must when battery is low or not enough time in the day. Part-time jobs are great fun but they do get in the way of everything else!

  2. I have just been enjoying looking at all your neat pictures on flickr! And also now your blog! May I ask a quick question though? In the pictures showing the mobiles you made (beautiful btw!) it shows your ceiling. It is gorgeous!!! Is it the real metal ceiling, or might it be the kind of wallpaper that imitates the real thing? I live in an old farmhouse, and would love to try and put the fake thing ($-reasons) on our ceilings here. Would love to hear about yours - thanks!!!

    Hugs from Michigan - Diane
    (I lived in London and Toronto for a year or two, if that counts for anything!)

  3. Hi Hazel, you really don't need to apologise for being a busy little Bee :) It's always lovely to catch up when you've got some free time, plus I get my weekly dose of Rethman news, by reading your blog :)
    So, take care of yourself, and don't go working too hard!
    K xxx

  4. It is a beautiful picture. I love this time of year. If only it could be September/October all year round! :)
    Glad you joined in on Thanksgiving this year, sounds like a beautiful meal & fun times.

  5. Such great times and beautiful fall colors! I always get confused about when would thanksgiving be all over America. :+) Can't wait for your next post!

  6. Oops! missed this instalment, so playing catch up with your news...

    Oh those beautiful Autumn colours (you cheat, ha ha). We're sure it looks equally lovely this time round too :)

    Sounds like you're all comfy cosy and ready for Winter now.

    Thanksgiving dinner sounded yummy, and we can just picture you all falling about laughing, what fun!

    Longer hours aside, we hope you're still enjoying Wheaton's.

    Lots of love

    T & G
    xx xx


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