October 06, 2008

Archie, will you ever learn?

I wonder?
It's just as well he has 9 lives. Since living in Nova Scotia he has managed to get himself attacked by a Racoon, had a few near misses with fast moving trucks and has even had a very close encounter with a skunk! (not a pleasant experience). His current enemy is the stray cat our next door neighbours have adopted.
You see, Archie, being a creature of habit only goes out for about 15 minutes early in the morning at this time of year, then a couple of hours before it gets dark in the evenings. He even looks forward to his 'bedtime routine' and usually comes and meows at us a few minutes before 10pm. He is quite happy to be put to bed in his little room where he views the nighttime activities safely behind a window. The Tom cat next door however is a little more streetwise and of the nocturnal variety. He struts his stuff along our barn late at night and we have even spotted paw marks outside Archie's window. Well, all of this taunting has led Archie to seek some revenge I think. I always know something is wrong when he doesn't come home on time. Sure enough a couple of days ago he finally emerged with one eye half closed, blood stains around his neck and ears, looking very ashamed of himself. After gently wiping him down with warm water followed by a baby aspirin for the pain and a large dose of sympathy, he is once again on the mend.
Archie aside, this weekend Craig and I joined some friends and went to watch a live show featuring singer songwriter Coco Love Alcorn. Sitting in an intimate lounge setting in the Wick pub, her one off performance was a sell out. Even though jazz/folk is not usually my cup of tea, I thoroughly enjoyed her amazing voice and sense of humour. A very talented lady. We were even lucky enough to get a special limited edition fabric poster. Coco, along with her new hubby screen print pre-loved tee-shirts and men's cotton shirts, which they sell at various events. For this particular concert they designed just 8 posters for a select few who attended the show.On Sunday Craig and I left the girls at home and went out to buy some fresh organic veggies and fruit. Pumpkins, squash, peppers and of course apples are in abundance at the roadside stalls this time of year. Whilst out we decided to call in on a friend of mine, Terri and her husband James. Both from the UK and fairly recent immigrants to Canada like ourselves. They are in the middle of doing a big renovation project on their home as well as an extension for a tea room and very special garden. Terri is a horticulturist who worked on The Eden Project and Lost Gardens of Heligan in the UK, so has a ton of experience and a passion for plants. Her love of William Morris was quite evident in her collection books featuring his work as well as a selection of rich wallpapers that will one day grace the walls of her home. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon spent chatting about all sorts of interesting topics. Terri grew up in Zambia and Craig in Zululand, so they had a few childhood memories in common.
We ended the weekend by splitting and stacking more wood for the winter! It's that time of year already, our hard work will hopefully pay off in the months ahead.
Craig sorting out the best logs to split in the hydraulic monster wood splitter.
As you can see, the leaves are now turning orange and even though the evenings and early mornings are a bit nippy, the sun will be shining all week. It's such a beautiful time of year.
Hazel x


  1. Oh, poor Archie! Very sweet pic of him sleeping :) Do hope he feels better soon.
    What a lovely thing to do, going out to a show with friends. Glad you had fun :)
    Much love
    Kathy x
    ps: I did finally get round to posting my 6 quirks :)

  2. Archie is nearly as beautiful as my Annie! She gets very brave if I am in "running back to distance" but more or less likes to hang around the house too. Though she does do this mad running from one end of the house and back most nights for about 10 mins and then collapses in a heap to sleep it off. I have been to the Lost Gardens of Heligan - magic. Spring is here in NZ so funny to think of you gathering up for the coming winter.

  3. Lots of cuddles for poor Archie, there, there, there x

    Glad you've had a couple of nice get togethers with friends. :) Nice poster, going to frame it?

    Well Autumn is here in Spain too, but we don't have our wood burner any more, so no more hard graft with the logs. Mind you we never had a log splitter to aid the process. Have to say it looks a mean machine!

    Hope the job is still going well,Hazel.

    Much love as always,

    T & G
    xx xx

  4. Poor Archie - my cats used to get a hard time from the local stray cats too - it was most upsetting!

  5. You have a gorgeous cat very similar to one my sister has on her farm and he (Charlie) is the biggest sook out of her 4 cats. I am a Registered Nurse and fairly certain giving Aspirin even in baby doses to a cat is a bit dangerous, cats can't metabolise the drug as quickly as we can. I just did a little googling of 'aspirin and cats' and the general consensus was NO. My mother-in-law once killed a kitten with some aspirin in warm milk after one of her boys emersed the kitty in a frosty bucket of water and she thought she was doing the right thing warming it up. Be careful, you don't want to inadvertantly use up any more of this beautiful boys' lives. Love your blog, my sister put me on to it, a few months back and I love reading about your new life in Canada, keep up your great work.

  6. Yikes!
    My local vet recommended I give a baby asprin to Archie. She said it was the best thing for easing any pain caused by minor injuries. Perhaps I shouldn't give him one next time though.
    Thanks for the advice.


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