September 28, 2008

Family Team Work

It was the first title thought that came into my head this morning as I started to write this weeks blog post!
On the home front, my brood has really pulled together over the past couple of weeks, adapting to my sudden absence as we have moved into a new chapter.
Jemma and Amber are now quite capable of preparing varied meals (that don't come in a packet or tin). Dirty clothes are finding their own way into the laundry basket, they don't get washed otherwise! Archie is now 'extra' affectionate to the younger members of the family, he has cottoned on the fact that they are the ones feeding him at around 5pm! I still get my 6am friendly wake up 'leg weaving' as I stumble towards his biscuit bowl. Craig is becoming a dab hand at picking up the odd top-up grocery shopping, as well as fetching and dropping off the girls when I am not around.
The dust bunnies hiding on the stairs and under furniture generally wait patiently for my day off, as does other housework and ironing of course. Well they wouldn't want to rob me of that privilege would they :D
I shan't bore you with too many details of my own day to day activities at work, except to say that I am enjoying my job and learning something new every day. I really must invest in a good pair of comfy work shoes soon. It has been many years since I worked in retail and the one thing I don't remember too clearly was how sore my feet are at the end of the day! Or is that just because I am not 18 anymore? Thank goodness for Peppermint foot lotion and my soft M&S bunny slippers.
I am now able to 'speed eat' in the 15 minutes we get to 'inhale' our lunch, as it is referred to by one work colleague. Don't think I fancy liquidised salad, but soup and yoghurt are always a good option. I need a quick cup of coffee in the afternoons too, something I haven't done before, as I couldn't get to sleep if I had caffeine after midday.
A little update on the girls.
Amber, fast approaching 15 and the social butterfly, has been making lots of new friends in high school and there seems to be something going on every weekend from movies, school dances to bands playing in basements. She is revelling in all this new found social activity. This week she completed and handed in her Bronze Duke of Ed. and will be getting her certificate in October.
Jemma has so much on her plate in this final year of high school, but seems to be coping well with both extra AP courses. These on-line lessons linked into other schools fill in her 'spares' whereas her friends get to go out to fast food outlets or go home early, she is always working. It will all be worthwhile in the end and she does enjoy the challenge. She also single handedly runs the school campus store and has been busy designing and ordering new merchandise for the winter. Being creative rather than just academic makes for a healthier balance.
Both girls have now got regular babysitting jobs locally, so they are quickly becoming independent and responsible young ladies.
Today is Sunday and we are just relaxing at home as a family. I have promised to make up a batch of turkey burgers, using my special recipe which includes sweet basil, garlic and our own grated courgettes. Always a favourite served with wholewheat buns and a side salad. Then a family movie this afternoon before the predicted power cut! Yes, hurricane 'Kyle' is heading our way this evening with 120km winds! So far we have only had 100km ones which were pretty fierce. I shall have to report any damage in next week's post.
It's calm outside right now, but looks can be deceiving so I'm off to batten down the hatches!
Hazel x


  1. Hazel - how do you do it? Working and everything else you do. You do sound like you have everything together. Hi to you all - I hope to blog by the end of the day.

  2. what a family, all in order. I totally understand the shoe thing, dont let it become the blister thing. The 15 minute lunch - you gonna be so thin.....hee hee
    love to all

  3. Wow, a real working lady :) Well done, and it's also great to hear that Craig and the girls have stepped up to the plate, and are helping with the daily chores :)
    Let us know .... whether "Kyle" was well behaved or not!
    Take care,
    lots of love
    K x

  4. By the time we got to read your Blog, Kyle had been and gone. Hope all is well with you!

    Well done Family Rethman for rallying 'round.

    15 mins to sling "lunch" down your neck? No way! That is just crazy. Hmm sounds like caring employers NOT.

    Sore feet and indigestion aside, glad to hear you are enjoying it Hazel.

    Lots of love
    T & G xxxx


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