September 21, 2008

A little bit of quirkiness!

My friend Kat tagged me last week, asking for a list of 6 quirky, but fairly ordinary things about myself.
So, in no particular order here goes...
1. I have a 'thing' for painting things, often white, sometimes cream or pale blue. Particularly old furniture that's in need of some TLC. I love the Swedish or Scandinavian decor style, especially when it's a little distressed, simplistic and fresh.
2. I actually enjoy doing my ironing, outdoors preferably if possible in the summertime. I find it calming and the perfect time for creative thoughts.
3. I absolutely 'hate' brussel sprouts, liver and stew - Yuk! Always have, ever since 
those nasty primary school dinners that we were made to eat while some very stern dinner ladies or prefects watched over us.
4. I am gluten intollerent (not Celiac's) and I used to think it was just wheat but it is in cornflour and oats too! Just can't digest the stuff and get the most unbearable tummy cramps if I eat some by mistake. So cakes, biscuits and pasta are a no no for me unfortunately. It's not such a big deal as I love so many other foods and will occasionally treat myself to some 'gluten free' yummies. But not the gluten free bread as it usually resembles a brick!
5. I am a bit of a neat freak (or so I am told) If my house is messy I start to get a tad irate and reach for my rubber gloves or a broom quicker than you can say 'dust bunny'.
6. Cold fingers and toes, yep those extremities of mine struggle to get warm in winter no matter how many layers of clothing I wear. Is that quirky or perhaps a little worrying I wonder?

I don't really like tagging people, or at least not too often but I think my sister Heidi, my friend Kathy (who already has some on her blog) and Lyn might like to take part at some point in the future. I would be interested to read their 6 quirky, but ordinary things about themselves if they feel like sharing them.

Hazel xx


  1. hha ha ha - i will do, thank you!!!!
    Ironing - uuhh??

  2. What a lovely blue dresser. I am in the process of redoing my living room and am doing creams and light blue!

  3. Yeah we bet there's way more than 6 quirky things about you really :)


  4. Your quirks were fun to read about.(I got the same tag a couple of weeks ago.) I have plenty of things you can come iron any time!
    I'm glad you said you don't like to tag people. I don't either. I hate asking someone to do something but I feel obligated when I am tagged. I'm glad to see it's okay to very politely pass on tagging a bunch of people.

  5. I few years ago I would have been with you on the liver, stew & brussel sprout road ... but I've grown to like liver (eeek right!) and brussel sprouts are rather nice when baked rather than boiled and stew - well my mother always makes a cracking stew with baked potatoes ... yum .. must go and eat something now. Liver and back anyone?

  6. Your photos are beautiful. Your decorating colors are soothing, as well as cozy. I love the ironing board makes ironing even happier when the cover is pretty.

  7. it was lovely to see your list of 6 things hazel, i share the cold hands and toes thing! and the love for scandinavian style furniture.
    i also enjoed your post on how the girls are doing and happy thanksgiving to you all
    kat xx


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