September 15, 2008

Working Girl

There are going to be a few little changes in our family home starting this week, as I now have a new job!
I will be away during the day, working for a lovely family run company called Wheaton's. I believe I have mentioned Wheaton's on previous posts, it is not only a wonderful store but has a great cafe too, one of my favourite places to have lunch with my friends :)
Following a phone call last weekend, an interview on Monday, and then a job offer on Tuesday to start on Friday! It's only early days so I am still in the process of 'settling in' and learning the ropes. An exciting change for me after doing secretarial work from home and helping children with learning difficulties at elementary school. Not forgetting my sewing business of course. I am in a way, stepping out of my 'comfort zone' the time feels right. Saturday was spent in the Christmas room at work (frighteningly early I know) getting familiar with all the gorgeous products, unpacking, stocking up and meeting some lovely people in the process, both work colleagues and customers. It was incredibly busy, with many customers getting a head start on Christmas shopping, so the day seemed to fly by!
With a resourceful husband and two capable teenage daughters (please do take note if you read this girls!) I am sure our 'new' family dynamics at home will work out, with the word 'delegate' featuring a little more in my vocabulary from now on. Being a great one for list writing and planning, it is a challenge I shall relish (I hope?).
My little shop will continue to remain open. I intend to catch up with my 'stitchery' on Sundays, along with all the other jobs around the house. Luckily there is now a descent stock of felt animals waiting with optimistic anticipation of a busy run up to December.
Here on the farm, there has been a lot of 'apple activity' in the orchards this week. Huge piles of crates have been strategically placed ready for the harvesting season. I am sure that both the local and Mexican pickers will soon be swarming among the trees and we will hear that familiar hollow sound of apples hitting wood as well as laughter and chattering, while the crates get filled, ready to be shipped off to various places.
The leaves are turning golden and starting to fall at a rapid rate suddenly. Today there is such a gale blowing that it almost knocked me off my feet early this morning. Despite it being of the warm tropical variety it was incredibly powerful, with a headwind going up the hill and a tailwind practically blowing me home again, just in time to see Craig leave for his day in the office.
Well I shall have to dash now, lists to write and a quick load of washing to hang out, making the most of this perfect laundry weather....
Til next week, I hope you have a good one :)
Hazel xx


  1. WOW! Congratulations Hazel! That's wonderful news, I wish you much luck and many happy day's in your new job :)
    Kathy xxx

  2. Congrats Sis, hope it all works out. Your girls are all grown up and need little or none of your time.....teenagers?
    Keep us updated - working girl.

  3. Hi Hazel, your new job sounds just perfect for you :) Had a trip around the store, gorgeous stuff, and a mouth watering menu in the café ...bliss!

    Really hope you have fun and enjoy working there.

    Lots of love & kisses,

    T & G
    xx xx


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