September 07, 2008

All good things must come to an end.

After an incredibly long summer break, both girls returned to school on Wednesday. It was eerily quiet with just Archie for company again. At 2.30 the familiar yellow school bus pulled up outside and my two chattering teens tumbled inside, bags and all, with stories to tell and mixed feelings. Amber is no longer in a class with her two good friends, but was pleased to finally be with her big sister in high school. Jemma found her new schedule had been messed up with some of her chosen subjects needing to be sorted out by the guidance councilor. Like many other students, nobody seemed to know exactly what was going on. In other words a normal first day. Thursday and Friday were a little better, with the weekend coming as such a relief that they went to bed early on their own accord, totally exhausted!! That's one good thing about getting up with the birds at 6am.
On the subject of birds, our dear little hummingbird friends seem to be rapidly diminishing. The males, babies and stronger females have already flown off to warmer climates. Left behind are just a few females who will sadly not be able to make the long tiring journey to Mexico. I keep topping up the sugar water feeder with a heavy heart, knowing that when the first frost arrives they will surely die. Nature can be cruel sometimes.
Last weekend was our final 'family day' of the holidays and we headed for Upper Clements Park on an impulse visit, using the 'buy one get one free' vouchers I had cut out from some cereal boxes ages ago. I secretly hoped that they would come in handy. The park is very low key as far as theme parks go (chalk and cheese compared to Universal Studios in Florida!) It has always a fun day out, being relatively close to home, we have visited each summer since we arrived in Nova Scotia.
It seems hard to believe that it is over a year since we took my parents for the day last summer. The only Roller coaster ride in the park has seen better days and I have to admit I felt a little uneasy as it rattled along. It felt like I had left my tummy behind somewhere along the way! The home made fudge is delectable and always worth a little sample (that would be 'after' riding on the roller coaster of course).
Amaretto, vanilla and peanut butter and chocolate flavours, all equally delicious!
We left at 4pm, just in time to see the first drops of rain as a thunder storm blew in, which we managed to out drive all the way home.
Same time next year? Who knows, we will have to wait and see.

Hazel xx


  1. Yes, unfortunately they do....but there will be more good things to come too :)
    I do love your new whimsical dream catcher..beautiful. You are so creative!
    Your hummingbird tale is so sad, it must be difficult for you to watch, we forget just how cruel nature can be.
    Take care, Hazel.
    Hope you have a great week :)

  2. I feel autumn coming on...

  3. Hi Hazel!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I always try to pay back a visit soon as possible, but I haven't been able to. Now I'm catching up! Your blog looks so nice! I have to read the post about bats. We see them flying too, but where do they stay, that's my question here too! I cannot watch your blog for too long you know because of the home made fudge. It makes my mouth water!! Have a nice week and take care, LiLi

  4. Hi Hazel, so the girls are now back at school. Wow that's an early start to the day! Not surprised they were exhausted come the weekend. We can imagine the silence, with you quietly sewing, and Archie softly snoring.

    Love the pretty dream catcher, we're sure it will be snapped up.

    What a shame about the dear little hummingbirds :(

    Glad you had a fun family day at the Park. Ooh that spinning Ferris wheel made Gill's stomach churn.
    The fudge looks yummily delicious though.
    Much love as always,
    T & G xxxx

  5. Back to school, YUCK! Poor girls - end of summer - YUCK YUCK! Poor family in the cold. At least you have each other to keep warm.
    Loads of Love

  6. What a beautiful family you are.
    I remember those early starts when I went to school in the USA. The school bus used to collect me at 5.45 each morning!!! I was the first pick up, but thankfully also the first to be dropped off.
    Looks like you had such a lovely day out full of great memories.
    Jane. x

  7. I have never been so aware of the effect going back to school has on parents as I do now that I blog and work in an office setting. I think the connection is so beautiful.. I could say I can't wait to feel like that ... but.. I have no problem waiting at the ripe old age of 23.

    I agree with Sweet Mary Autumn (best season) is definitely in the air.. I started diking making fall specialty drinks like chia tea.. but I know some of that home made fudge would go with tea nicely!


  8. Hello again Hazel! :)
    I always love the routine that comes with school beginning again. My young children need the schedule so much after a summer of riding bikes and swimming.
    We also went to Upper Clements, just a week before you. The children earned their full passes through a library program, and were totally excited about their first time visit to the park! (Believe me, I was there one of the first years the park started, and the roller coaster has always been that way). :(
    Glad you enjoyed yourself & hope your girls have a good year back at school!


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