August 30, 2008

Bats in our brolly!!

Imagine my surprise a few days ago when opening up the umbrella on the deck, I found two of these little chaps hiding inside!
We had seen them flying around in the evenings and I believe they usually spend the day in trees (but maybe not).
They squirmed a bit and were quite reluctant to leave. After debating whether or not to close the brolly up again I decided that we needed the shade more. Eventually they flew off to another resting place for the day :)
My intended blog post was put on hold last week because I wanted to take part in The Tree of Happiness. I was going to tell you about the 'little vintage clothing trip'. Both Jemma and Amber were really keen to investigate the various used clothing shops in the city. Amber downloaded a street map for us to follow. Wearing suitable comfy walking shoes we trekked the streets in the city centre. Craig and I made a few 'patient' coffee stops at Starbucks, while the girls hunted amongst racks of dresses, tops and jeans. They both managed to find a couple of cute items at bargain prices and were pleased as punch. It was a lovely day with the City having a great Cosmopolitan atmosphere on a Saturday. Such a lovely memory point. As the children don't have a school uniform here (how I wish they did!) their clothes become one way of expressing their personalities. Our local shops are quite limited, with the clothes all being fairly similar, so it is always refreshing to find something a little different in vintage shops and on e-bay occasionally too. Actually some of my own favourite pieces are finds from many years ago in the English charity shops I found hidden away in quaint villages. I have a couple of 'designer' pieces picked up for a song, even though I am not into labels at all they are extremely good quality and classic.
This week I was approached by Rebecca over at The Ardent Sparrow, she is also an etsy seller and has compiled a little ongoing competition with various etsy sellers in Canada donating a 'freebie' from their shops. It has given some sellers including myself a little more publicity at a quiet time of year. With people starting to think about Christmas (crazy I know!). I think her timing is perfect. Also, someone is going to win a great collection of goodies. I included little Hanna, a golden labrador puppy to go into her prize parcel. If you pop over to her blog and you can read more about it.
Finishing off, I just had to include this picture of Craig looking ever so happy whilst picking peaches at a local farm. I love this time of year!! Yummy fuzzy peaches
Bye for now, til next week
Hazel xx


  1. Awww! Hazel, every time I read your blog, you present something new to surprise me. I adore bats, and I am so envious that you saw them up close. So cute. We see bats coming to and fro from our neighbours roof, but never close to. Well done to the girls for finding some vintage bargains, and to you and Craig for your patience. Such a happy photo of Craig, obviously feeling warm and fuzzy himself :)

    Much love G & T xxxx

  2. I think I would have screamed if I had seen those bats!! Yikes :o) Picking peaches sounds like so much fun. I love your picture of the fuzzy peach. I'm a big fan of uniforms, too... school uniforms, work uniforms... it makes everything so much easier in the morning! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness! That must have been really startling to find the bat resting like that..... for both of you! I'm impressed that you had your whits about you to get that picture of it!

    Vanessa (Delice Design)

  4. I would so love to take your girls shopping, its something that I am really good at!!!Steve has zero patience with me and starts complaining about headaches and heart attacks. (Maybe thats coz he has the credit card - hee hee) Well one day your can take steve & Luc peach picking - its appears to be quite uplifting for Craig. I will take the girls bargain hunting - its a date!

  5. What sweet little bats you have, compared to the cat-sized ones we have flying around :)They are a bit scary :S
    Well done to your girls, wish I could get Emma into vintage shopping...she doesn't quite get it, yet!
    Those peaches do look so tasty, and what a great photo of Craig :)
    Love to you all,
    Kathy x
    PS: Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, you are a "real" friend! xx

  6. hi there from australia! Found your blog going through someone elses blog..boy this is an Endless blogs..anyway.,I love the bats..we have sugar bats in melbourne..and I sometimes see them flying around at night..i must say i tend to get a little scared at seeing them..i guess the old vampire movies come into play!!
    How good is it to go vintage shopping?? lucky you have girls to do that with..i have dragged my two boys around for years shopping..but they never complained..and now contact me if they find a bargain!! WELL TRAINED.. AND THEY ARE 21 & 19!! X ANDREA

  7. I LOVE your blog!! Thank you so much for your comment on mine, it means that I've now discovered yours and get to see your wonderful pictures of Canada.
    What a beautiful home you have in such a fabulous country.
    I'll be back for sure!!
    Jane. xx

  8. Hi Hazel : )
    Thanks for stopping by! I just love your little etsy shop I have you marked as a fav!
    I love peaches - they remind me of where I grew up close to San Francisco. We had 13 peach trees in our yard and every year my mom had a peach picking party. All the ladies from the neighborhood would come over with their napkin lined baskets and pick the trees clean. Then came the good stuff.....homemade peach pie : )


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