August 25, 2008

The Tree of Happiness!

I was surprised and delighted this morning to find a comment on my last blog post from Emily , giving me 'The Tree of Happiness Award' Yay! Thanks Emily for choosing me and also for the links to some lovely new blogs to visit.
The award states that I must list 'just 6 things' that make me happy. Well that shouldn't be too difficult so here goes.....
1. My family (an obvious one for most I am sure)
I met my wonderful husband Craig on an aeroplane, it was pretty much love at first sight (sounds cheesy I know, sorry) we have been together for almost 20 happy years! My two daughters' Jemma and Amber have put countless smiles to my face over the years and still do on a daily basis. I am so proud of my family and love them to bits.
2. Friends.
My real friends living in various parts of the world, who accept me for who I am, don't judge me and who I know will be there either in person,on the Internet or at the end of a phone line through the good and bad times. Never underestimate the importance of true friendship.
3. My early morning 'me time' walk.
Every other day I walk the same route at around 6.30am. It's never boring because I don't know what I will see from day to day through spring, summer and autumn. Breathing in the crisp air, being close to nature and the ever changing view from the top of the hill across the valley.
4. Growing our own organic veggies and fruit.
Picking washing and eating it ! Thanks to my husband, who is so much better than me at remembering to water it regularly! Nothing compares to the fresh taste of a salad full of baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced courgettes, tiny carrots, sliced peaches, toasted almonds and creamy poppy seed dressing.
5. The Internet

I like to keep up with the times and the Internet gives me the opportunity to keep in touch with friends and family (not everyone likes to write letters anymore) It enables me to run my etsy business, which I love, find new ideas and inspiration. All of which makes me very happy in a modern world. It also keeps me sane through the long cold winters in Canada.
Whether it's a new song that makes me want to get up and dance or a song that brings back a memory of a different time and place. Something about certain music just fills me with happiness.
Here are a few happy friends I am passing the award to, I would love to find out what gives them their own 'happy feeling'.
Kat, Kathy, Kali and Keriann (all the K's!)
In my shop this week I had a flurry of interest over this little guy!He was a special order made up for Taci who's daughter specifically wanted a green dinosaur with a blue tummy. After designing, sewing and listing him as reserved I had three customers ask for one of their own :) I do enjoy designing something new and this one could be for the boys too for a change!
I hope everyone has a happy week :D
Hazel xx


  1. hello Hazel
    and thankyou for the tree of happiness award,how special. i will certainly do my blog post on my 6 things soon, do we get a little award symbol for down the side of the blog? i have had one or two in the past but never knew how to get them uploaded!
    love kat x

  2. Thanks Hazel!
    I can so relate to your list, btw.

    Your little dino is adorable ~ I am not at all surprised that he is in high demand :)
    I look forwarding in participating in "The Tree of Happiness", and will blog it soon.
    xo Kali

  3. Thank you Hazel! for the "Tree of Happiness Award" :) It has come at just the right time...need to remind myself about all the things that make me happy.
    I will post my list soon!
    Your dinasaur is just precious! No wonder he is in such clever thing you :)

  4. Another lovely blog Hazel and thankyou for putting me in "The Tree of Happiness". I will blog it soon - need to compile my thoughts first, though lots of "happines" is springing to mind.
    Dinosaur very cute - Keriann

  5. PLease dot forget to water your tree of happiness every day, keep it growing in love and life. Solid stong roots, a thin trunk - and every leaf unique. Love you sis

  6. Thanks for the congrats Hazel. :) Loved your 'happiness' post. You mentioning 'those cold winters in Canada' made me want to go get at that wood pile behind the house! Its almost time. :)

  7. The Tree of Happiness Award..what a lovely idea! Loved your choices :) Cute little Dino. We love the fact that you make bespoke 'lil creatures!

    Our love as always,
    G & T

  8. Dear Haze, have just enjoyed reading all your latest news.You really make it all so interesting.I am jealous of all the soft fruit you can collect. Yummy!You are really enjoying the good life,apart from the cold winters.Miss you lots. Mum.xx

  9. Hi hazel, a bat!urghhh,tho it does look quite harmless i suppose.
    i'm just getting in touch to tell you i completed the tag you gave me for the tree of happiness and to say i am tagging you to give us 6 quirky yet ordinary things about you , see my latest post for kat x


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