October 19, 2008

Apples for bicycles?

Jemma and Amber spent some time on Saturday morning picking apples to help raise money through the school, for bicycles in Africa (no further details forthcoming from the girls at this point!) There was a good turn out of kids, despite the chilly early morning air as they set to work filling their buckets.
Gathering the fallen apples, destined for 'juicing'

Almost home with thoughts of hot chocolate and a biscuit :)
My mum and dad are visiting my brother Michael and his family in Adelaide Australia this week and I am really looking forward to hearing all about their first trip to the land down under. They will also be spending some time with my aunt in Sydney, a city I would love to be able to visit one day. It's strange to think that they have the whole summer ahead of them in Aussie and also in Africa when they return home, while we are making some serious preparations for winter.
Today Craig and I swept the chimney!! It was quite a complex hands on procedure requiring some strength and inginuity. Armed with an extra strong home made bag to catch the soot we proceeded to shove the custom made brush up through the chimney from the laundry room. Gradually attaching 5 interlocking fiberglass 5ft. rods to push it right to the top. It took some tricky maneuvering and we were a little apprehensive when the brush got stuck a couple of times. Running outside I was relieved to see the 'poof' of soot finally appear at the very top. Actually it wasn't nearly as messy as I had expected and my laundry is now back in use! We can now safely light our first wood fire in a week or so, without the risk of the chimney catching alight. I know we could have got the experts in to do the job for us, but where is the adventure in that I ask?!
Hazel xx


  1. What a great cause: Apples for bicycles :)
    Love all the autumn colours, so beautiful! I would happily box up some Sydney summer for you, we have enough to go around!
    How very brave of you and Craig, becoming chimney sweepers for the day :D
    Much love
    K xx

  2. Such a nice thing to do! Sigh, such an amazingly beautiful life! hehe chimney sweeping always reminds of Homer Simpson being the chimney brush!

    Ok, my turn!
    You're tagged!
    Do visit http://florspace.blogspot.com/2008/10/tagged-7-facts-about-moi.html

  3. ha ha - its a dirty job but someone gotta do it......Mike Rowe would be so proud you little chimney sweep you.

  4. Hi Hazel. First of all I am in awe of your home, It is my dream home to live in, I live in Australia, though I am in an old home full of caracter it is nothing like yours, your daughters are just beautiful the pictures you take of them are just a treasure to behold. I have read some of your blog, and intend to read some more, I love looking at your creations, I too sew and paint and do all the shabby chic stuff lol. I just had to pop on in and say hi. I also read you had relations going to Adelaide to visit in the land Down Under lol. It is wonderful here in Oz. Please if you have the time pop on over to my blog and say hi, I would be ever so grateful if you did. I grew up on a farm with a peach orchid just like yours, and have very many wonderful memories of it, but no pictures. Cheers Debra.

  5. hi hazel, lovely to see you and the girls apple picking, they look gorgeous ones too. and for such a good cause, bet those hot drinks were much needed on your return, it looked chilly
    love n butterflies kathryn x

  6. Hmm... think we might refer to you and Craig as Sooty & Sweep from now on :)Well done for tackling it. Still can't get the connection between apples & bicycles, that's a strange combo isn't it!? :D

    Much love
    T & G
    xx xx

  7. This is my fist time to your blog, just wanted to tell how lovely it is! The apple photo at the top of this post is so beautiful- oh how Id love it enlarged and on one of the walls in my house. Its stunning- so crisp and fresh! what beautiful photos you take! love your blog.


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