June 08, 2008

Ambie's Special Day

Amber survived her Duke of Ed trip a week ago, arriving home 5 hours later than scheduled, quite bedraggled and exhausted. The weather was much worse than the teachers had predicted, they said it was one of their more difficult challenges. Everyone got soaked to the skin in the very heavy rain, a couple of kids even fell in the fast flowing river! Amber was a little quiet on her return and so glad to have a soak in a hot bath and climb into her own familiar bed for a good nights sleep. Even with bug spray and face net she still got practically eaten alive, with the insects being particularly prevalent this year. Don't think she will be keen to go on another camping trip or hike anytime soon!
Yesterday my adventurous daughter 'finally' got to celebrate her postponed birthday. A 'half birthday' for the first time this year. She requested a trip to the City to do some shopping. Having already conferred with Jemma we bought the dress and ballet flat shoes that Amber really wanted, that was her first surprise. Her second was an unexpected digital camera of her own. Now she can snap away to her hearts content and hopefully download some more great shots onto her deviant art site. The girls wanted to shop alone (parents in tow not cool at this age).
Girls who do like to shop!
Craig and I did our own thing, lunch at an Italian restaurant and plenty of time in Michael's, a huge craft store, book store and diy shop.We picked the girls up after they had 'shopped til they dropped' and had enjoyed their lunch together at Manchoowok.
On the way home we stopped off at a cute old 1950's diner for desert, coffee and to listen to old tunes on the juke box for fun!
It was a great day, although a little weird and I suspect that she will want to go back to her usual December 1st birthday, even though it is close to Christmas it is the real day.

Next week I will try to report on our deck, which is coming along very nicely, unless I manage to sneak a picture in here mid week :)
Not long until our overseas visitors arrive, Dave from New Zealand on 29th June followed by Craig's sister Tessa and her family of 5 from South Africa. I am sure there will be lots of juggling with cars and children with who wants to go where, as well as all the cousins finally getting to know each other after 7 years!

Hazel xx


  1. What an enjoyble read Hazel - you all sounded like you had a lovely day in the big smoke. Those two girls are obviously good friends. Belated 14 + half wishes to Amber.

  2. So glad that you all enjoyed celebrating Ambers 1/2 birthday. (Gill's envious that you went to a huge craft store Hazel).
    Wow the D of E challenge sounded like a toughie. Well done Amber!
    Glad the deck is coming along nicely. Looking forwrd to a pic or two.

  3. happy bday Amber, looks like loads of fun and more on the way I am sure. Family Fun

  4. Hi Hazel, sounds like Amber had a lovely 14 & 1/2 birthday :) Congratulations to Amber, for surviving the Duke of Ed challenge! Sounded very tough...they are certainly not for the faint hearted! :)
    Hope all the family are well,
    Take care,
    Kathy x


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