May 31, 2008

One blustery day.......

.....we put up our lovely gazebo to protect us from the mosquitoes.
After writing such a chirpy post last week I can now tell you that our gazebo didn't get a lot of use this year! Craig and I spent over an hour assembling it and managed to sit inside for one cup of coffee before an unpredicted super strong wind blew in the following day, and did this!! It took us much longer to dismantle the tangled collapsed version, as all the screws and metal bits had buckled and jammed. There is also a huge tear in the canopy :(
However, on a more positive note, the building of our new deck is now in progress. The back wall of the house has been repaired after the wood was found to be rotten (hence a few leaks from driving rain in the Autumn last year) The pink and white blossoms look very pretty this week and opened up 'after' the strong wind, but just in time for the apple blossom festival in the village this 
weekend. Amber left this morning bright and early on her Duke of Edinburgh award hiking trip up in Kejimakujik National Park. I drove her to school to meet up with the other 

participants. She looked a little nervous, as did her friends. They didn't seem too excited about the 5 hour hike or spending the night in a tent with the predicted heavy rainfall. The biting insects are out in full force so she is armed with a strong repellent spray and a rather fetching mosquito head net! This weekend was supposed to be her 'official' birthday (postponed from Dec 1st) so actually she is 14 and a half tomorrow! But, because of the hike we will celebrate next weekend instead by taking a drive into Halifax and having lunch out.
I began my painting project (the Old Canadian Crate Company shelf unit) yesterday. This turned out to be a mistake, those sneaky little black flies were quietly landing on me and I am now sporting some huge and ever so itchy bites on my neck face and arms. I am told that I will gradually build up a tolerance to them and create my own antibodies? Not sure I am entirely convinced of this theory.
The HB's are still managing to feature in my posts after I sold two of my 'new design' this week ;) Hazel xx


  1. That little humming bird is just so cute! Oh dear, pity about the gazebo - will you not try to put it up again, maybe when the winds have gone?

  2. do you know about the 3 little pigs, they huff and they puff and they blow your gazebo down.
    Wish Amber Happy Happy from us, so sad we dont know them, OUCH. LOVE YOU.

  3. Very sad to see your gazebo in a tangled clump, but here's to a great deck for the summer :)
    Let us know how Amber does on her Duke of Ed hike...she is very brave! Or is it you, who is brave?
    Love you gorgeous HB! Not surprised at all that they are selling like hotcakes :D
    Catch you on FB...
    K x

  4. Sorry about the gazebo. To see so much work wind up in a heap…how sad!
    Love the hb!

  5. hello hazel,
    i absolutley loved the video of the hummingbirds,they are fantastic,as you know we don't get them here in the Uk. It was magical to have a video clip to step into and be at your house!!
    Congratulations on your anniversary of the blog, thats brilliant, i should have stopped by earlier but things have been rather hectic online wise, as i've been changing service provider,hence alot of email changing, its suprising the number of places you use!
    anyway i wont keep you,will pop by again soon, oh and i love that book Sew pretty,i have it too. happy sewing,and Happiness to amber for her Day,
    love and wishes Kat xx

  6. After we found our gazebo in the next door neighbours garden, we decided to hold it down with guy ropes! Then Tony built a wooden one, and the canvas one was history. So there's another project for Craig! Then it's something more for you to paint, Hazel lol :D. So sorry about you insect bites, it would be nice to believe in the theory wouldn't it. Love the little HB xx And an official HB to Amber too. xx

  7. AnonymousJune 06, 2008

    I LOVE your adorable little dogs you make!!! I could just eat them up!! Do you make Bichon Frise's as well??

  8. So sorry about the gazebo.Winds sure can do a lot of damage.
    I loved the little humming bird.Sweet and so small lot of tiny stitches went into making it great job my friend!
    hugs ginger


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