June 14, 2008

The new deck!

A deck we can indeed be proud of!After repairing the back wall, because of rotten wood it gave us the incentive we needed to re-do the tired old deck that had been standing for many years (scroll down to see the 'before' pic).
By the end of summertime the wood will have cured and we can then paint the trellis and railing white to match the front veranda.
Mid week we celebrated with a family BBQ, using the basic table Craig put together last year and the rickety kitchen chairs. On Thursday our teak patio set arrived to complete 'the look'. Although personally I prefer a lighter wood, it will fade in time to a lighter shade and I am NOT allowed to paint it!!
Over the next few weeks we hope to soften the surrounding area with lavender bushes against the railing, sweet peas growing up the trellis and a couple of strategically placed planters.
The project I did tackle mid week, with sandpaper and paint is this small chest of drawers picked up for just $12 at a yard sale on the way home from Halifax last weekend. OK, it is perhaps a little more 'shabby' than 'chic' and has found a nice home in my laundry.The laundry incidentally seems to be the stop gap for any second hand piece of furniture entering our house, before it gets moved somewhere else! I decided to paint it a pale Robin's egg blue (following a little mid week live chat with my uncle Tony in Spain!) The drawers are perfect for storing beach towels, sunglasses and citronella candles in Summer, or mittens, hats, brollies etc in Winter.
Only a few days now before the girls finish another school year. Amber moves up to the high school in September after spending 3 years at middle school, where she seems to have become a fully fledged Canadian :D
Jemma will be in her final year at high school, before hopefully going on to University!! Jemma was given the good news that she has been accepted on 2 more AP (Advanced Placement) courses; Chemistry and Calculus, having completed her AP Biology this year, she realises that a hectic year of studying lies ahead. Jemma is the only student with 3 AP courses in the school and we are very proud of her. Major hints have been dropped that she would like a cell phone for her 17th birthday in July. Amazingly (for a teen) she has managed without one so far, so we can't complain. Craig will be taking an in depth look at all the plan options so we don't get diddled with a long term contract that has the dreaded 'small print'!
Still fighting the bugs! A few are hanging in there, even though it has soared to 29 degrees some days. I now have quite a collection of citronella candles and torches and some excellent mosquito cream from a company called Watkins. It doesn't pong as much as some of the sprays, the fumes can be pretty horrendous.
In case you wondered what became of the little shelf unit a couple of blogs ago. I painted it the same shade of blue, (my favourite at the moment) after removing some of the partitions first.
Hmmm those little animals do seem to get around a bit!!
Phew did I perhaps overdo the photos this week?
Hazel xx


  1. Hi Hazel,
    NO...you can never have too many photos!
    The deck looks amazing, and I'm sure you'll get many hours/days use over the summer months :)
    Love what you have done with the chest of drawers and the little printer's tray. You are so talented!
    K x

  2. The deck look great Hazel, & I always enjoy the photos.

  3. Ps: Congrats to Jemma :)

  4. Hazel - your new deck looks fab, did Craig build it? Congrats to girls for both being working so hard with their various studies. LOVE the furniture - can you come and paint all mine?

  5. how do you do it Haze? I can only hope we really are alike....
    You are an inspiration, love ja

  6. Wow good job with the deck - it looks great!

    Love the photos, keep them coming - Because of you I have made it a priority to do something 'pretty' with my laundry area :)

  7. Hi Hazel,
    Great Deck...
    Great piccies...
    Great big congratulations to Jemma.
    Great paint jobs...
    Great that you mentioned me in your blog (I'm almost famous now.
    Great big kiss & hugs T & G xx

  8. It looks GREAT!!! And...you have a beautiful home! :)


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