April 07, 2008

Happy Monday :)

It's over a week since my last blog post, well I did write a quick mid-week post but somehow managed to delete it! I must have been half asleep at the keyboard or else the computer gremlins have been dabbling again! Anyway it wasn't particularly newsy, I was just happy it was finally April and wanted to get it down on paper so to speak. (don't know why this first paragraph has bigger spacing?)
This week I have spent quite a bit of time searching for and reading other peoples blogs, interspersed with bouts of sewing, photographing, listing, packaging, posting, chores, lifts etc. I have edited my list of favourite blog sites to include some lovely new ones that I hope to visit more often. There are always so many animals to sew and so little time! I have just ordered some 100% wool felt and am very excited to see what it is like to sew with. It is more expensive than my current felt which is 20% wool, so maybe I will introduce a little exclusive section.
This morning was a small domestic milestone. I actually hung my washing outside in the garden (instead of bundling it into the tumble dryer) for the first time since October last year!! I love the smell of fresh air-dried laundry. The added bonus this year is that the local pig farm is no more - yay!! happy happy, joy joy!! Every year we marvel at the buds on the trees, the flowers popping up and the birds and animals magically surfacing in the warmer weather. But... the smell of the pig farm is one delight I can do without and this year I will finally get my wish :D I feel we should have a celebratory BBQ with our neighbours in a few weeks. The farmer has closed his pig sheds and sold them to someone who will not be keeping piggies, but instead grows apples and blueberries (much nicer).
The weekend was quite special, we had a family movie evening and watched a dvd called 'The Golden Compass'. I chopped some melon, strawberries, grapes, pineapple, bananas and marshmallows. Made warm chocolate fondue and the four of us had fun dipping :) Yummy!
On Sunday Craig and I got invited out to lunch by some friends. Joinging them at our favourite restaurant The Port. It was a popular idea with lots of people enjoying our first real Spring like day.
Craig has been dabbling in the garden, fired up the tractor mower, just to check it's still alive. Aired out the barn, which will soon be emptied of cars and boats. The locals will be coming to collect them soon after storing them for the winter months.
Jemma is busy studying for her AP Biology exam coming up in May, it has been a time consuming course which has taken some serious dedication and hard work this school year.
Amber has been showing a renewed interest in photography again. I will add her deviant art site to my inspiration section on the right, as it has been dormant for a while and will possibly be awakened.
Archie is just sleeping in the sun and 'molting' everywhere! I struggle to keep up with the 'dust bunnies' that seem to be in abundance every day this time of year and I can't walk by one without whipping it up and disposing of it. On the subject of disposal, the valley is clamping down on our recycling habits in a big way. Already being in the habit of recycling it hasn't meant much of a change for us. When I lived in Norway in the mid to late 80's recycling was the norm, and those habits have remained with me wherever I have lived. I just had to 'remind' everyone in the house to please rinse and put in the correct bin!
This morning I have 7 parcels to post, including a collection of six that are destined for the top of a Wedding cake! Here is a new design this week, a little English black and white badger.

I hope you all have a great week :)

Hazel xx


  1. Hi Hazel, Yes...I did wonder what had happened to : "Yeay its April!" Thought that maybe I had dreamt it :-)
    Pleased to hear the weather is warming up for you, and also about the closure of the pig farm! You do make me laugh!!
    Have a great week.
    Kathy x

  2. Love the little guinea pig, so cute. Just wanted to let you know I have awarded you an "E" for blogging excellence.

  3. Hi Hazel, what a cute blog, home and shop you have! I hope to get some of your tiny animals to peak out in various spots of my home soon.

    We have a itty bitty cottage right now, but there is talk of moving into my husbands mom's house which is a big victorian like yours- i think it would be a big challenge to decorate and update, but atleast you`ve provided me with some inspiration and i can see what a beauty it could become!

    Anyway, I`ve added you to my bloglist and I hope you will come visit with me and we can become blog friends. Hope to hear from you sometime,


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