April 18, 2008

Writer's block?

I have been a little 'lost for words' (the written kind) this past week. Partly due to the fact that the sun came out for 3 days in a row and I wanted to be outside. At this time of year it can be highly unpredictable from one day to the next.
I attacked the veggie patch with relish, revealing some healthy looking strawberry plants that have not only survived a few feet of snow on top of them, but appear to have multiplied too! After crawling about on my hands and knees and raking out thousands of leaves, the strawberry patch now looks quite respectable. Craig came home early, which was a nice surprise and joined in. Even the girls donned bikinis and sat on the bench after school on Thursday.
Naturally along with the arrival of sunshine my windows were quite embarrassingly in need of a clean! especially on the outside. Dragging my trusty old shabby chic stool, rubber gloves and spray stuff, I methodically rubbed each and every window until my arms were practically dropping off. Not a job I enjoy, but crucial to get out of the way before the 'black fly' season hits. These tiny little blood suckers look so harmless, but give the itchiest bites that last for ages. We still have a couple of weeks before they invade us, so every minute we can get in the garden before then is precious. Today I even did all my ironing outside, while watching the little dopey bees flying around and the orchard activity in the distance (pruning I expect).
Moving on from my domestic doings. My friend Keriann and my sister Heidi have both started their own blogs, so now there is no excuse for having zero comments on my posts ladies (hint hint...) Even if just to say hi :)
One of my favourite artists is a French lady called Francine Van Hove. Craig and I bought one of her prints many years ago called 'The pink pillow'. This month I ordered another print for the lounge. Making use of a huge frame that had been lying in the basement (picked up at a yard sale last year) I hadn't got any further than giving it a quick coat of paint. This piece of art, which arrived in the mail from art.com is called 'Sphinx with dictionary'.
A close up. Amber had a new haircut this morning. It's still long, but with lots of layering going on and a side swept fringe, sorry 'bangs' as they are called here! I remembered to take along my camera and take a quick snap outside the florists across the road from the hair salon. On the subject of flowers, my dried hydrangeas have lasted remarkably well through the winter, though I am looking forward to real live ones in the garden in a few weeks. Thank you for listening again!
Hazel xx


  1. Nice to have you back again. I missed not getting to read your post last week.

  2. I check and read your blog every time you have a new post and I am so glad that you are back! I wish I could have Hydrangeas...but I live in the Southwest in the USA - totally hot - 10 months out of 12.

  3. Hi Hazel
    First time for me to comment!
    Pleased you are enjoying the sun - we had 4 days rain last week.
    Thanks again for link through to my blog.
    Ammber is looking so grown up.
    Your pics are great.
    Keriann x

  4. Hi Hazel!
    Wish I could say I am as productive as you.... The only thing I could manage is a haircut for the whole family (except husband - he does not need it..)
    I am still waiting for spring so I can work in the garden. And the ironing outside is definitely a thing i am going to try as soon as the weather permits to stay outside for a longer period!
    Whenever i see pictures of your home I love it and feel mine is so crowded and dusty and unorganized. But maybe it will be better whan the children are older and we don't spend so much time packing away toys and things...
    looking forward to new posts!

  5. hi Hazel,
    once again thankyou for your kind get well wishes, i am taking things gently but wanted to pop over to yours and catch up, couldnt believe after your winter being harsher than ours that you are already able to sit outside in the sunshine,thats brilliant! here its been a wet april and a north wind making it extra chilly for this time of year so i've not been sitting out for longer than the odd 5 mins. but hopefully may will be better. loving ambers new haircut btw, love and wishes Kat x

  6. Hi Hazel, Great to read a new post today :-) I owe you a note! Amber is looking absolutely gorgeous, better tell Craig to get that shotgun ready! :D (only kidding)
    Your home looks stunning, love the dried hydrangeas, although I totally understand your need for spring colours after a white winter. It has been very wet here for the last week, and getting cooler every day. We have even resorted to putting the heater on in the evenings. Will write soon,
    Take care,
    much love
    Kathy x

  7. Your hydrangeas look fabulous and your painting, well lovely ofcourse! I had a couple sets of hydrangeas out in our bathroom when we first moved in last july and I think we threw them out mid-september? I`m not too sure if that's good or not, but I was quite disappointed nonetheless, they were the perfect accent piece to a room with no windows. Must've been too smelly in there! ;]

  8. Hi Hazel - me again.
    I have tagged you - hope thats okay.

    1.Write your own 6 word memoir.
    2.Post it on your blog (and photo if you want)
    3.Link it to the person who tagged you.
    4.Tag 5 more blogs - I wasn't sure who else to send it to.
    5. Remember to leave a message on the other 5 blogs with an invite to play.

  9. That last comment was me Hazel - Keriann. I didn't mean to make it anonymous! Bit of a newbee.

  10. Hi Hazel,

    Thank you for your lovely comment on our blog - we're glad you are a fan of polkas too!! We love looking at new blogs so couldn't resist popping over. You have a wonderful home & we love your little felt animals! Keep enjoying the spring sunshine,
    Emma & Lisa

  11. Ooooh. Your house looks lo light and bright and sparkly and clean. Those are just the first words that popped into my mind :o)

  12. AnonymousJune 02, 2008

    Love your new peice of art!! I do have to say it would be much more lovely hung just a foot lower. When hanging make sure your eyes are in the center of the glass. Happy Spring!


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