March 28, 2008

WWF Earth Hour

An important message today ...
WWF Earth hour which is tomorrow, Saturday 29th for us here in Canada. My friend Kathy in Australia sent me a message and video on facebook earlier this week telling me about it. The concept first came about in Sydney, this time last year and was hugely successful. This year it's going Global. Although we don't live in a big city, Halifax being the closest and participating a little, I believe. We will be switching off 'our' lights for the hour 8pm until 9pm on March 29th, probably not the heaters as it will be below zero!
A parcel arrived in my mail box two days ago, another birthday present. This time from my dear friend Keriann in New Zealand. Posted a few weeks ago by airmail, I suspect it ended up travelling by sea instead. It's a beautiful hand made lavender heart sachet, the perfect colours for my bedroom and it's the 'shabby chic' print that I love. Keriann has recently opened a NZ craft webpage Sweetmary where she can sell her items. I am hoping that she will join me on Etsy soon as I am sure her little hearts will sell really well on the International market.
This week I posted another batch of felt tinies off to a Pediatric Doctor in North Carolina for her young patients. She has a heart of gold and loves animals.
My Mum surprised me a few weeks ago by starting her own blog! Living in South Africa many of her relatives are dotted around the world. We used to write long letters to each other, with the internet, skype, facebook, blogs etc. communication methods have certainly changed. Even the humble telephone seems a little old fashioned.
Today I have Amber at home with me feeling poorly. The downside to travelling on an aircraft is that a nasty little bug often gets picked up and this time it was Amber who was unlucky and has a temperature and sore throat. Hopefully by Monday she will have shaken it off (Umm, she was the only one of us to NOT take the Echinacea tablet - but maybe that's just a coincidence!)
Better go and put my nurses hat on and heat some chicken soup!!

Hazel xx


  1. although i haven't heard about earth hour, i shall be joining you albiet on seattle time. i hope amber bounces back quickly.

  2. Hi Hazel!
    I hope Amber is feeling much better by now and is fighting fit.
    We participated in Earth Hour last year as well as this time around. Every little bit helps, and it all starts at home :)
    Your photos are great from your recent getaway...what a treat! Thanks for sharing.
    I hope you are enjoying Spring in your beautiful corner of the world..
    xoxo Kali


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