March 24, 2008


We're back home again after a wonderful week away in Cuba. Having had just 3 hours sleep in my own bed following the return flight arriving at 3.30am in Halifax. I opened my eyes at 9am and for a split second thought it had all been a very pleasant dream :) I feel relaxed, very lucky and am already planning/dreaming/saving for a return trip next winter!

This unexpected break really was the perfect tonic, towards the end of a long cold Canadian winter. No housework or cooking for me, cold beer for Craig. Freedom to explore the resort grounds for Jemma and Amber, while being independent 'roomies' in their own space and do some sisterly bonding!
Warm air, a quiet clean white sandy beach, refreshing swimming pools, tropical flowers and plants, attentive friendly staff..... well I could go on but you might never read my blog again!!
The flights were both fine and only 4 hours long, a breeze compared to previous travels to NZ and Africa. The movies shown were Juno (brilliant, but I had already seen it) the return flight showed a film called 'August Rush' very enjoyable and sweet.
Now we are back to reality again (adjusting back to life in a fridge) Just kidding. Our little resident chipmunk 'Oscar' poked his head above ground briefly today to make sure that the grass was indeed still there. Craig found evidence in the barn that the raccoon has returned from wherever she spends the winter. The air is crisp and clear and we have the exciting anticipation that Spring is not too far away now. Archie has rubbed up against all the doorways, jumped on the beds briefly and seems satisfied that it is 'his' home again after spending a week confined to a small (but safe) room in the cattery.
I couldn't resist taking a few supplies of felt and thread along to catch up on orders whilst sitting under the shade of a tree (possibly a little sad to a non-sewing person reading this!)
My huge pile of holiday laundry is washed, dried and ironed, grocery shopping duly packed away in the pantry, so I can catch up on my computer work/play this evening without feeling too guilty.
(I think 3 photos on this post is probably sufficient, otherwise my facebook friends will accuse me of repeating myself)

Hazel xx
(a very happy bunny this Easter)


  1. Yeay, I am the first to post :-)
    So glad you had a lovely holiday to Cuba, and enjoyed soaking up a little sunshine. As one of your facebook friends, I totally forgive you for repeating yourself! Only kidding :-)

    Take care
    Kathy x

  2. Glad you had such a good time. Hope you have soaked up enough sun to last until Sprig is well set in.

  3. hi hazel how lovely to see you and the family looking so well and relaxed in Cuba, glad you had a good break and a chance to charge up on some of the sun's rays, its been a chilly winter and spring here but not half as cold as you must get it,i am doing ok and am just celebrating my 1st year anniversary blogging! luv Kat x


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