January 05, 2008


Almost a week into the new year and things are pretty much back to normal after the holidays. Jemma and Amber went back to school on Thursday (a nice 2 day week for them), gently breaking into those cold 6am morning wake up calls.
New Years eve brought an abundance of snow in a winter storm. Sadly this meant that our number of expected visitors for the evening was on the sparse side. I had catered for about 20 or so friends plus a bit extra. The assorted cheeses, fruits and fancy prawn Melba toasts (decorated with a twist of lemon peel), sat on the plates looking pretty sad, as there were far too many of them! Our next door neighbours' bravely trudged across the meadow and orchard on both sides, dressed in heavy coats and snow boots. It was a cosy neighbourly gathering in the kitchen, where a few of bottles of good red wine were shared by candle light into the small hours. The children had fun in the lounge watching dvd's and laughing a lot. Getting into bed at just after 2am with not even a hint of a headache (something to do with being a responsible hostess?) meant for a good start to the new year.

After much pestering this week, Amber convinced me to let her try out a dark rinse on her hair. Going from a dark blond to deep brown. I have to admit that it does suit her, despite my objections (that would be the boring Mum side of me) It is supposed to wash out in about 28 shampoos, so she gets to be dark and mysterious for a few weeks :)My little etsy shop has got off to a nice start with an early January order for 12 tiny felt animals. These are being shipped off to the US to a lady who gives them to her young and very brave patients in pediatrics.
Now, as if I hadn't already received enough gorgeous and thoughtful presents from my family and friends I had one more late arrival in the post a few days ago. This delightful Cath Kidston recipe organizer is a joint gift from my girls who had both spotted the same item on the internet. I will be on the look out for some special recipes this year to start a nice organized collection. Well I just had to mention it as I had already taken a photo you see!
Hazel x

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  1. Hi Hazel,

    Amber's hair looks amazing....brings out her blue eyes!

    Take care
    Kathy x


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