January 10, 2008

Our 19th Anniversary

Early mid week post.
Today is the anniversary of the day Craig and I met 19 years ago!
Unlike most couples we don't ever celebrate our wedding, which was a couple of years later sometime in June. This is because it was quite an uneventful day, tinged with sadness as it was held in a registry office in Johannesburg, SA with no guests. We were leaving a couple of weeks later to live in England and didn't want a big 'do' at the time. I have to admit that it is one of the few regrets in my life, wearing a cream suit and standing outside an ugly building does not quite compare to the memories that should have been made along with all the froth and attention a posh church wedding would have brought.
Anyway, our meeting 19 years ago was very romantic as it was on board a flight from Cape Town to London. So January 10th going into the 11th is officially 'our' anniversary.
Craig has booked a lunch at a nice new restaurant in town tomorrow where I will be meeting him after his morning at work close by.
Other news this week is that Amber has finally got her fixed braces OFF! Her orthodontic treatment began about 3 years ago with retainers, palette expander etc. I haven't managed to pin her down for a photo of the new 'smile' as yet, but now she just has a thin wire across her top teeth, which is attached to a retainer, to be worn for a couple of years.
The snow has all melted again, so the grass is quite soggy and has been hacked about a bit by the snowplow, as it is difficult for the driver to see where the driveway actually is underneath 30cm's of snow! Archie is running around like a Spring chicken and can't believe his luck after being cooped up again for a while. I can't seem to train him to wipe his feet/paws though, and have to ambush him every time he comes home from his exploring outings and plonk him on an old towel in front of his biscuits!

Hazel xx


  1. Congratulations to everybody! To you & Hubby for your anniversary & to your daughter for getting her braces off - big events for all of you :)

  2. I think it is romantic to be just the two of you. We just had our 18th anniversary. We sort of eloped, it was just the two of us and the JP, on DH's lunch hour. ;-)

  3. Hi Hazel,
    Oh, how I laughed at your description of Archie running around enjoying the grass, and not wiping his feet when he comes in! So funny :)
    Amber is such a beautiful girl!

    I didn't know, or maybe I forgot...that you and Craig got married in a registry. I think its lovely that you celebrate the anniversary of your meeting....and so romantic too! Such fate, that you sat next to each other.

    Take care,
    Love to you all
    Kathy xx

  4. Wish you a wonderful evening Hazel!


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