December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas friends and family!

Today is boxing day and I am feeling a little tired after another late evening spent with our neighbours'. I feel like curling up on the sofa and finishing my book this afternoon. I am reading The Quickie by James Patterson, a thriller which I am enjoying but never seem to have enough time to read more than a few pages every few days. This means that I forget what I have read and have to go back a page or two for a re-cap, so I am taking forever to finish it!
The last mail delivery on the 24th brought a surprise parcel from my blog/flickr/etsy friend Kat, (Secrets of a butterfly) over in Newcastle. I opened it on Christmas morning and found 3 pretty Cath Kidston soaps for Jemma, Amber and I, nicely presented in a red organza bag with the cutest Belle and Boo tag! It was so sweet and unexpected.
Christmas eve was lovely, we meandered over to the Dupuis' house next door in the early evening, ate, drank and chatted for hours. They all came over to us on Christmas day for more festivities. We also watched the movie The Holiday, which I had seen before but it was the perfect day to watch it and I think it's a great feel good Christmas dvd.
I got some special gifts from my family, beautiful hand made items from the girls and a spa/beauty voucher from my hubby! I also got the warm pj's and fluffy socks and watched plenty of smiling faces throughout the day. Keriann, as I suspected had made a pretty Christmas heart which looks perfect on the tree amongst all my other Scandinavian decorations.
Archie loved his new bed (an igloo style) and was curled up in it fast asleep within a couple of minutes, after playing with the wrapping paper! He remained there for the rest of the day. He is so happy now that the snow has MELTED (typical on Christmas day!) This morning he was keen to get outside and go investigating the newly revealed green grass which has been buried under snow for a few weeks. Having said that we now have another weather warning, predicting about 20cm's of snow tonight. I will try to remember to take a photo of the lounge tomorrow to add to this post.
Thursday 27th - photos added above and below of the lounge. Hazel xx


  1. Hi Hazel, the lounge looks lovely!Well done!! I love your Christmas tree too, such beautiful decorations :)
    Love to Craig and the girls,
    Take care
    Kathy x

  2. Hi Hazel! just popped by and had a nice suprise to see the cath kidston soaps and you mentioning me! how lovely. by the way can you say sorry to Jemma as it wasnt till afterwards that i realised i had put a G on for hers thinking that was her initial. I hate it when people put my name with a C so i thought i would just say sorry as i know what it can be like. Best wishes to everyone for 2008 peace and love Kat

  3. Dear Hazel! A wonderful 2008 for you and your family! So glad I found your wonderful pics on Flickr and I am more than happy to have 4 of your lovely creatures here over in our new house. greetings from over the ocean! Yvonne

  4. Your house is so beautiful! Happy New year <3


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