December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Mid morning on Saturday and I am all alone as Craig and the girls have gone into his office to do some secret 'stuff' before Christmas.

Feeling a little tired after a late, but fun evening, which consisted of Craig's office Christmas party followed by a visit to our friends up at the lake.

I was so excited when a parcel arrived this week from my good friend Keriann all the way from New Zealand! The parcel included a lovely letter, a couple of local newspapers from the village of Havelock North, where I used to live. Also some pretty tissues from Cath Kidston and cute Christmas napkins (pictured above), which I love. The little tissue wrapped surprise has gone under the tree to be opened on the 25th. Such a thoughtful friend who knows my taste exactly. Very sweet Cath Kidston tissues sitting amongst my cookie cutters!
Christmas eve is just around the corner and we will be visiting our next door neighbours for the evening. We all get on so well as families, it does help that the children are the same age. Of course just being a stones throw away it certainly has its advantages at this time of year especially. The snow is still quite deep and the temperatures below freezing almost every day.
Archie our cat is a bit depressed, which I may have mentioned before? He sits looking out of the window with such a forlorn look on his face and is not eating very much. Occasionally he will venture outside a few feet away from the back door, only to do a swift about turn and come rushing indoors with his 'crazy wild cat look'
My shopping is all done and hidden away, with just the wrapping and labelling to do. Lots of small gifts as usual, to compensate for having no relatives around. Each year I get more nervous of getting it right as far as gifts are concerned, anyone with teenage children can relate I am sure to the ever changing fashions and trends, this weeks purple could be next weeks red! I hold on to all my receipts very carefully, just in case :)
My own wish list for material presents this year reads as follows; warm pj's, warm sweaters, warm fluffy socks, warm gloves, warm..... Actually I will be happy just to see happy faces on the day and get a few hugs from my family (even if some of them are only on facebook)
Sunday evening.
I decided to paint the lounge :) A sort of spur of the moment thing! It got finished this afternoon with Craig's help and I am really pleased with it. Previously the wall were a dark dusky pink which was ok, but looking at it for our third winter I decided a change was due. Now a warm cream with just enough contrast against the white ceiling. No longer confined to having pink soft furnishings I can make some nice new cushions for the spring. No photo to show yet as it is now too dark.
Happy Christmas!Hazel xx


  1. Christmas eve! so i think you will be at your neighbours,i wonder what the time difference is between where you are and here in England. maybe its only the afternoon for you and so you havent left yet. Here i will soon be off to bed and just a few moments spare to visit my favourite blogs and leave last minute christmas wishes,looking forward to opening my suprise gift from you, love kat

  2. Have recently found your blog! Love it! Thank you for sharing! and here's loads of warm hugs from S.A. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you well for the New Year! P.S. teenagers can be a pain to buy for, but they do grow out of it, eventually :)

  3. Happy Christmas Hazel and best wishes for 2008!

    -Can't wait to see photos of your newly painted lounge. :)


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