December 09, 2007

A white Christmas perhaps?

Some re-vamped Christmas decorations.
The snow is still lying on the ground and it looks like this year we may well have a 'White Christmas'. After the two previous winters we have pretty much adapted to having heaps of snow fall on our doorstep, although according to the locals, we haven't seen a 'proper' Canadian winter yet! We did get snowed in last Tuesday and the girls had their first 'snow day' so were thrilled to bits to have an unexpected day at home.
Last weekend was a busy one and included a get together with some friends on Saturday evening where there was even some dancing! Well, just us girls, I had great fun as I haven't moved to music (out in public) for quite a while.
Ladies having fun on the dance floor!
Our Christmas tree has been decorated by my two little helpers and it looks lovely in front of the picture window in the parlor.The photo at the top of this post is of some tired looking doves which were a faded gold colour and are now painted white, the little birds along with some felt snowflakes are this year's new decorations, which are dotted around the downstairs rooms. This is a pic of Jemma's chandelier (mentioned in a previous post) She bought it with her saved up pocket money during our trip to Boston. It comes from a shop called Urban Outfitters. A sort of contemporary meets traditional look in her bedroom.
I have been feeling festive all week because of the snow everywhere, people dressed in wooly hats and scarfs running in and out of shops with rolls of wrapping paper and fresh green wreaths. The decorations look lovely down the streets and Christmas music everywhere.
It's early Sunday morning and I am the only one up and about, the fire is already roaring and a pot of fresh coffee is brewing :D
Hazel x


  1. It looks like you have had an amazing and happy weekend...Isn't life great?
    I can tell that you enjoy the small, but very important, things in life. Such a good ability to have!
    (Still no snow in Denmark - lucky you :0) )

  2. Hello There Hazel! So nice to hear from you. I remember sending you those cute buttons and how much fun you had picking them out for your girls. I'm so glad you still enjoy them! Your Etsy shop is going so well, good job! You guys are fun to plan a trip to Boston like that. I'd need some nudging just like you did, especially in the cold weather. Havig projects to do on the car trip does help, but 12 hours is quite a weekend trip! Happy Holidays!


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