November 11, 2007


Seems like the most appropriate title this week! This pic was taken this morning looking over to our neighbour's house across the meadow. I never used to be one to talk about the weather, leaving that topic of conversation to my husband, who is well versed on the subject. His favourite TV station is the weather channel funnily enough :) However, the weather here in Nova Scotia is certainly varied with very defined seasons, with the recent hurricane and now this early snow there has certainly been interesting. In New Zealand the weather conversation would sometimes lead to the subject of the serious danger of skin cancer (hole in the ozone layer etc.). In South Africa, where the climate is enviably 'perfect' the conversation usually got followed by " if only there wasn't any crime". In England it was often just weather 'whinging', too hot, too wet, too many leaves.... (but quite honestly nothing that couldn't be cured by some excellent retail therapy! I still miss the shopping)
This morning we woke to 15 cm's of the pure white crisp stuff, lying silently on the ground and covering the branches of the trees, many of which still have some leaves on them and even apples up in parts of the orchards. The snow has arrived a few weeks earlier than normal so today we aren't going anywhere. It's hard to believe that just a couple of blog posts ago we took photos in the sunshine picking apples.
Craig collected a super new treadmill while we were out (which has been on my 'wish list' for the last two winters). This was after much debating on whether we should re-join the gym which is in the opposite direction to his place of work. It didn't make much sense, so the treadmill was a good compromise and we can all use it hopefully. He and I managed to assemble it yesterday afternoon, after it was removed from a box the size of a small house! It came flatpacked with a set of less than clear assembly instructions and we didn't swear once! We have all had a go on it and are very impressed, I am certainly not venturing up the hill anytime soon.
I deleted the bit on my last blog about the land in Gaspereau as it wasn't completely finalised. Now it is a done deal and we are quite excited to own a couple of acres in a lovely area just 3 minutes drive from the town of Wolfville, further down the Annapolis valley and much closer to the city of Halifax.
Just a quick mention of my etsy shop. I sold another elephant to a lady in Toronto. Posted off the 18 animals to Hawaii, made my first Panda bear and am currently working on Christmas orders.
Molly, the pink elephant and Gregory, a tiny Panda.
Facebook continues to be fun, I was so pleased to make contact with my brother Michael in Australia and Amber's old schoolfriend from nursery school in SA. At least I don't feel too isolated, as long as the computer works. It is my lifeline throughout the winter months.
So, as my good friends and family enjoy the summer sunshine I hope they think of us snowed in as we rapidly head towards the 'season to be jolly' I love Christmas.
Hazel xx

Happy birthday to my nephew Luc in Johannesburg (who sadly I have never met!) he will be 3 on Monday 12th. Also happy birthday to my other nephew Alec, in Adelaide (also never met ) who turned 6 on November 9th.


  1. You are so lucky to have all that snow!! Ski lovers - as we are in my family - all love your beautiful picture ...My son Emil can't wait untill we get some in Denmark, IF we get some!!

    Your animals are beautiful as always - I love your elephants, they remind me of my own childhood's blue, fluffy "Fantus".

    Hav det rigtig godt....

    Mange hilsner

  2. Wow snow. After only two years of being in Hawkes Bay, I had forgotten what it was like to wake up to a silent snow covered world. Lovely to look at.


  3. love that picture of the snow, so beautiful! Also, that elephant is so sweet!

  4. Hi,
    I've only just opened your blog now, to find it called SNOW!! Mental telepathy of something, as I named my note to you this morning the same :)
    I adore your little panda, so cute! Have you every thought of making a koala?

    K x

  5. Hi hazel,just catching up on your blogging, which is always a delight. Wow you have such alot of snow. We don't get so much these days as we did growing up. It mostly falls in January, yet many of my childhood christmas's were white and sledging on christmas day! i've just been to your shop and purchased some animals for friends christmas gifts,best wishes for your selling over christmas, love Kat

  6. Just stumbled onto your blog, what beautiful snow. And a beautiful house as well!


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