October 27, 2007

Busy day on Blossom Hill farm

Golden leaves, taken on a recent walk.
I am determined to get back to my weekly blogging, so here I am grabbing a quick half an hour in what is turning out to be a busy Saturday morning. Amber has been safely dropped at her volleyball tournament at 8.30 this morning. Craig is lying down with a bad migraine, dosed up on ibuprofen. Some guys arrived with their boat, to be stored in the barn for the winter and a neighbour with some furniture also being stored in the barn.
I was driving into town two days ago and looked up to see the biggest flock of migrating geese I have ever seen. I slowed right down as did some other drivers and watched in awe at these amazing birds flying south for the winter. They certainly have the right idea, if only it were that easy :D
This evening, assuming Craig is feeling better, we have our neighbours visiting for supper. I want to prepare a nice meal and open a bottle of 'bend in the river' wine.
Perhaps I should finish the mowing first or do I get busy sewing?
My Christmas orders are starting to come in and I like to have at least 10 animals listed in my shop. I love to hear stories from my etsy customers. This week one of my customers, Adrienne gave her own tiny elephant to a young patient in pediatrics, a little girl, who clutched the baby Ellie as she fell asleep and he was the first thing she asked for when she woke up :)
....Back again at 11pm. Feeling happy but tired after a lovely evening with our friends. Dinner was a success and our guests kindly brought along a yummy cheesecake to follow the stir fry chicken with pasta, sun dried tomato Alfredo sauce and my favourite salad, this time with thinly sliced pears, grapes and oven toasted sliced almonds with a special zesty dressing containing mango and orange juice. The four teenagers even volunteered to do the dishes for me as a bonus!
Hazel x

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  1. What a lovely property you have! Gorgeous Autumn colours. From the mum of another Jemma :O)


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