October 21, 2007

Long lost friends

Hi there!
Not sure why, but I just haven't been in the mood for blogging recently (two whole weeks have gone by since my last post).
All is well up here on Blossom Hill mountain, after several days of glorious sunny weather the wind arrived yesterday with a vengeance and blew thousands of golden leaves to the ground. Now where there was lawn there is a carpet of red and gold, still soft but soon to become irresistibly crunchy underfoot!
I have been dabbling on facebook a little and came across two long lost friends. Well, actually I found their children who were able to put me in touch with Sheena (who I last saw about 11 years ago in England) we took National childbirth trust classes together while expecting our first babies, and Marie in Norway, going back even further to my wild early 20's! The wonder of computer technology :D
Mid week I had a lunch out with some girlfriends, something I haven't done for ages, not since I lived in New Zealand where I used to meet my friend Keriann for coffee after swimming, or in Napier at a wonderful cafe called 'port o' call'. Here in Berwick on the other side of the village is a lovely cafe called the 'cider press cafe'. Tina, Kathy and I had the yummiest curried carrot soup and fresh salads. They also serve great herbal teas (I had pear) and Tina indulged in a lemon chiffon type desert with whipped cream.
All the local apples are pretty much stripped from the trees now with just the 'drops' on the floor to be picked up and put into crates to be used for juicing (backbreaking memories of last year!) There are quite a few varieties surrounding us; Honey crisp, Golden del., Red del., Spartan, McIntosh, Empire and Gravenstein. I am now finally getting to know the difference after living here for my third apple season.
I was glad yesterday that the weekend had arrived as I felt we hadn't spent much time together as a family. Craig has been working long hours, the girls both had extra mural activities after school which involved lots of driving around and during time at home we seemed to all be doing our own thing. A family discussion was called at the dining room table last night to go over some 'issues' which I think have been pretty much ironed out now. We used to have family meetings on a regular basis and even had a suggestion box to put ideas into, but the girls have grown up so quickly recently and we just got out of the habit.

I don't imagine I will get many comments on this post as it is mainly family orientated and I have no diy, sewing or decorating projects to report on (still working on the chest of drawers).
Bye for now
Hazel xx


  1. Kathy SonnenbergOctober 21, 2007

    Such a beautiful photo of your gorgeous girls :)
    I know we catch up and chat on facebook, but I still love reading your blogg.
    Please post some photos of the leaves on the ground...the way you described it sounds amazing!
    Love Kathy x

  2. Hi Hazel

    Sorry to hear you have not felt like blogging and glad to see you back this week. I look forward to reading your posts on a Sunday night, even though we have never met other than in cyber space.
    Aren't coincidences strange, I originally come from a town called Berwick in the Scottish Borders. I did not know there was another one in Nova Scotia.

  3. So glad to know you're doing well and have found long-lost friends! The internet certainly has made things possible. Congratulations on the 900++ hearts! Thats quite a feat! Keep those cute animals and ellys coming!

  4. Hi Hazel ~ well it sounds like Autumn has well and truly arrived in your beautiful part of the world. I love that time of the year.
    Your girls are lovely, and looking at the photos of their Mum, I am not at all surprised!
    Happy Days :)

  5. I bet your home looks beautiful in fall with those leaves blanketing the ground. Your girls are adorable! Oh, how I hope for my own little girls someday! Cece


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