October 06, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Well actually it is on Monday 8th, but everyone is celebrating today and tomorrow. The weather has been glorious today creeping up to 23 degrees, so of course we have all been outside making the most of the Autumn sunshine. Craig finished off the car port by temporarily covering the roof with some tar paper until he finds the right shingles to match the other roof tops. The particular style of tile he needs are discontinued, so he is hunting. Meanwhile, the tar paper will be fine for this winter.
Amber's days at camp went well, and of course I needn't have worried, she had lots of fun with her friends and it was a great experience for her.
The apple harvesting is in progress right now, the pickers are busy stripping all the trees. The hundreds of crates have been distributed over the orchards. Many of the trees on either side of our house are the dwarf variety, which hold just as many apples as the larger trees and take up less space. Amber and I went for a walk this morning and took the camera along for fun.
Thanksgiving holiday is not something I am familiar with in England but here in Canada it is a big event and everyone gets together with friends and family. We will be joining our neighbours along with some of their family members for a pot luck supper tomorrow.
Amber is now officially taller than me. I measured her today and at 5ft 5", she is an inch taller in fact, and she is only 13 years old!
My etsy shop topped the 900 'hearts' today. This means that 905 other etsy members so far have added my little shop to their favourites, I am thrilled and hoping for a busy autumn and winter period, keeping my fingers crossed for reasonable sales.
Jemma joined the after school yoga classes on Friday. It was quite busy as the whole boys volleyball team took part too! (they had a tournament later and the coach thought it was a good idea) A little unnerving perhaps, but she enjoyed the class and will be back again next Friday when it should be less busy.

No animals on my walkabouts this week, just a fresh crispness in the air and some amazing cloud formations and views across the valley. Mowing has now pretty much stopped for a while and we can forget any leaf sweeping (totally pointless).

We heard this morning that Craig's sister Tessa and her family may not be visiting us next summer after all. They are postponing their trip to 2009. Jemma and Amber were really looking forward to seeing their cousins, we hope they change their minds and manage to come here in 2008.

Hazel x


  1. Enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations Hazel! The honeycrisp apple tree photos are great - must be so lovely walking around the orchards at this time of year!

  2. Hello Hazel,
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I loved your pictures and work on flickr and your blog too. Now I look forward to see your etsy shop.
    It will not be long before I stop by your blog (and pictures) again.
    Hope your daughter is doing fine on camp - I know the problem so well, from my own children. It is not fun for a mom!

  3. well done on the heart front! Take care xxxx

  4. so glad i found you on flickr, you are very inspiring!


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