November 20, 2007


Yes, since my last blog post we have indeed been to Boston and back by car!
This little adventure came about after one of Craig's impulsive suggestions over dinner on Tuesday evening. Jemma and Amber were grinning from ear to ear whilst spewing out endless names of places they wanted to visit on a weekend trip. I, on the other hand adopted a jaw dropping expression whilst numerous thoughts came into my head of why this was a bad idea. When some of these thoughts were vocalised they were met with snide comments of me being far too sensible, negative and quite positively boring! The discussion continued the following evening by which time I had given in to defeat and decided to be excited instead, the majority vote was to go ahead....
That's when they all went off to school and work, leaving the packing, ironing, cleaning, sandwich making, camera charging, unplugging of electrical appliances, turning off heaters, posting parcels, sorting out a cattery for Archie and putting out the garbage to ME! As well as grabbing handfuls of felt, thread, scissors and patterns for my etsy orders to do en-route.
This of course all had to be done by noon when I attempted to bundle a non-complying Archie into his carrier while he scratched me frantically thinking he was off to the vet again. After picking up the girls at different schools we drove to Craig's office to swap cars for the long journey ahead. Fortunately I do manage to remain calm in these situations and my tick list got steadily 'ticked' and added to throughout the morning, whilst I was on a buzzy coffee high!
The 12 hour journey there went well with Craig doing most of the driving to our first stop at Bangor, an hour past the border post. After our first overnight stay in a Motel I started the early morning drive towards the city and we managed to navigate our way to an Ikea! We did an spot of shopping and had a lovely Scandinavian lunch too.The second overnight stay was on the outskirts of the city. Saturday was the 'big day' Watching two teenage girls getting ready to do some serious shopping is quite sweet, they were so excited and their saved pocket money was burning a hole in their purses. Taking the tube in we arrived at H&M as their doors were opening, that sorted out some clothes shopping. A quick stop at 'Wet Seal boutique' and it was on to the 'Oh so posh' Fairmont Copley Plaza, where the security guard wouldn't let us take a photo of the Jimmy Choo shop :( We walked the entire length of Newbury street doing some window shopping before finding 'Urban Outfitters' right at the very end. Jemma had some specific things she really wanted to buy for her bedroom and was in retail heaven.
I loved all the brownstone buildings and the sheer size of the downtown skyscrapers (remember I am now a country gal) There were to be no tourist visits this time, being such a short trip. But then we have done all the museums and historical buildings in London, scenery in New Zealand and wildlife in Africa. So this really was great for us rural Nova Scotian residents.
Our last morning in Boston sadly meant that it was time to head home. The roads were dry and practically empty as I took the wheel and drove to the border with the sun shining all the way, even though it was constantly minus temperatures outside. The drive home was long, actually very long. After collecting Archie and my car arrived home early evening to a roaring fire, kindly lit by Wayne our next door neighbour. It all went by so quickly like a dream.
On reflection it was a memorable weekend. The girls remained best friends throughout. We probably made too many stops for 'junk food' but then we haven't done that for a few years and I was impressed to find that they now all do a 'version' of a salad, with the dressing on the side :) The girls found it highly amusing that I carried my bag of apples, sunflower seeds, water and herb tea with me everywhere.
I would like to do a city trip again, but probably in warmer weather and preferably by plane not car. Definitely a longer stay, which would be less hectic (my feet are worn out). London would be great with all my favourite shops; M&S, Next, Laura Ashley, Whittards.... I could go on.
Until then we will have to make do with much smaller buildings, little local shops and e-bay!

Hazel x


  1. Hi... I just found your blog... was browing it a little the other day and came back today again. Very nice site.

    Come visit me at my house in the roses...

    Nice meeting you


  2. hi again hazel, dad is watchin the england match on tv and mam is at my grandparents so i'm catching up on my blog visiting. how great to hear all about your trip to Boston. I can't believe it took 12 hours,i havent ever travelled that far by car in my life. For about 8 years i couldnt go to the shops here as i was too ill to travel. Now though i really appreciate them and its great they are so close to us and yet so is the countryside in the other direction. ikea takes about 10mins to get to. and we have a mall shopping centre thats quite big as well as the city. i feel very lucky as i wouldnt get if i had to travel that far. I can appreciate the girls excitement and it was so nice that you shared about it. love Kat

  3. Hazel

    You lucky thing a trip to Ikea. I so miss shops down here in New Zealand. What I would give for a shopping trip, Edinburgh would do me nicely. Though not at the moment, I remember Christmas shopping, not pleasent. Maybe in January for all the sales.

    You are also so lucky to have girls to shop with. I have three boys!

  4. Wow, sonds like you guys had a blast!
    I've never been to Boston myself, and in Brazil they call it Braston, for so many Brazilians live there!
    When i read your fav places in London, I was here thinking that we should just pack and go. LOL. I love them too!
    Take care.
    Love, Nine (not 9, but "Neene". LOL)

  5. Oh Hazel! So glad you guys got to jump on a trip like that! I miss the spontaneity of life sometimes. And of course, a trip always goes by like a dream. But the memories are great!

  6. Hi Hazel,
    Your Boston trip sounded exhausting but fun. I can't imagine being so far away from the 'big smoke', I find being at least 1hrs drive away from Sydney city and the beautiful harbour is quite far enough.
    Cheers for now
    (Aunty) Cheryl xx


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